Attacks on london!

I’ve been working at London all this week with my dad, we were thinking of taking the train up to London as we already had everything we needed up there for the job so there was no need to take the car, but in the end we took the car mainly because of the expensive price of tickets up to London, we would have go the train and then the tube for the rest of the way, luckily we didn’t take the train or tube to get there wish is very lucky but very unlucky for anybody who did today and I offer my condolences to the families who have suffered from this attack in one way or another, having a minor injury or having a family member who has died.

I’m also very fortunate to have people who care so much about me, I had left my mobile phone at home today and I was really surprised to get home to find out that I had missed calls from a whole load of people wondering if I was ok.

I’m really glad I have friends like that, you all know who you are and I tell you this now, if you ever need any help I will for sure be there for you.


  1. Laurent   •  

    Your last thing, it makes me think I would never get any messages like that. Anyway, luckily that you weren’t involved, I thought about you as well when I had known what was going on in London.

  2. Cat   •  

    Hey Darren, you know what i’ve said about this awful thing.. Once again, so glad you’re alive 😀 See you soon Cat

  3. Darren Straight   •     Author

    Thanks Laurent and Cat, I went to London again today this time I was a couple of streets away from where the bomb went of on that bus, apparently it was like hell when the bombs went off, people were running from two drections, it was like a war zone! 🙁

  4. jjhjk   •  

    I hate the UK, you got what was coming for you! You guys are just like Germany or France, assholes, that are going to sink in the water. You think you can take over the world, but you can’t, you keep on failing, the USA, Russia and China are the top guys now, so shut and watch how they do it and maybe you’ll learn. Grow a Army by now… Bitch!

  5. Darren Straight   •     Author

    I totally disagree with your comment and had originally classified to block it on my blog, I have now accepted it as people can see what people like you think! And look what has happened now, another attack on the same day as your post and yours was only a couple of hours before, how weird is that!

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