Become a Windows Live Messenger 8 Beta Tester!

Now here’s something interesting that you might like to take a look at.

It’s a fully functional sign up page for the Windows Live Messenger 8 Beta, though not guaranteed to get you into the Windows Live Messenger 8 Beta it’s still in my opinion better than the Windows Live Messenger 8 Beta Patch that I have now seen which will let you use Msn Protocol 12 to sign in.

I say this because this way you get to participate in the beta along side the develeopers and other beta testers inside the newsgroups, which a downloaded patch wont let you do.

And before you start asking no I will not post a link too the patch because I don’t agree in patching a program to get it earlier, it also ruins it for legit Beta Testers.

To arrive at the sign-in page you basically get this url:

And replace “programpage.aspx?” with “signup.aspx?”:

And whola you have a sign up page, but don’t get your hopes up too soon as you might not be included in the beta test!

Nomination Confirmation
You’re almost there. If you click “confirm” you’ll be put on the waiting list for Windows Live Messenger beta. If you’re selected, you’ll get an e-mail from us telling you what to do next.

Click here to sign up!


  1. Elliot Lee   •  

    Interesting. You might want to use more punctuation in your writing; having it without breaks makes it difficult to read.

  2. broken   •  

    Thanks Darren! Another chance for me to get into this beta test. 😀

  3. Darren Straight   •     Author

    Thanks Elliot I’ll be sure to update this post to include more punctuation so it’s easier to read and I will also remember to use more punctuation in future posts to come.

    Also no problem Henrik, I hope we both get in! 😀

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