Domains Registered to Google Inc.

The list of domain names being register by Google is increasing day by day, here’s a small collection of them:

Has Google gone crazy with domain name buying or are they just trying to stay in the world of domain names so you never miss their name anywhere you go.

I can see Google going a long way in the future and I wish them all of the best but I’m still quite worried about how far they will go, will flash videos like Epic 2005 become true, it’s kind of disturbing in a way even if Technology is the way to go!

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Domain names from Google


  1. mondine   •  

    Not at all uncommon for a corporation to try to act first, to thwart detractors (that might use something like “Googlesucks” for an anti-Google website; and domain name squatters, such as the one currently trying to sell the name “Googlefire” on eBay.

  2. Darren Straight   •     Author

    Yes you are right about that mondine, Google just doesn’t want any domain name squatters using their name, this I can entirely understand, but why is Google the only major company buying multiple domains like this, I don’t see Microsoft, Yahoo or Aol or any other company buying domains like candy!

  3. mondine   •  

    Perhaps Google has learned from the mistakes of others, and can avoid a Google equivalent of, say, as an example.

  4. Darren Straight   •  

    That may be true, hey that reminds me a very long time ago I used to have one of those free @f* email address.

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