Windows Live Messenger 8 Beta Invites

I had a nice surprise when I woke up today that being that I had finally received some Windows Live Messenger 8 Beta Invites to send to my friends and family, but don’t worry they wont go wasted as it didn’t take me long too decide who too send them too! 🙂

If I get any more and you have replied to this post I may just send you one! 😀

Anyway here’s the email I got.

Thank you for your help in testing the new Windows LiveTM Messenger Beta! You have just received invitations to send to your friends and family!

Follow the steps below to send invites:

Go to, click Beta users sign in here, and then sign in.
Click Windows Live Messenger Beta, and then click the “Invite them to sign up” link on the right side of the page.

The Windows Live Messenger team

Windows Live Messenger 8 Invites (Microsoft Forums)


  1. csk   •  

    could u please spare a brother an invite???

  2. nicolas   •  

    i’m french and i’d love have an invite too !!!

  3. Jimbob1989   •  

    hmm, does being french give you preference 😛 I think not.

  4. aoc   •  

    hi,I want to get an invitation from you very much,could you please send me one,thank you very much
    my email

  5. JM   •  

    hi,I´m searching for an invitation. If somebody has one could you send me one¿?
    Email: jm22381 (@)

  6. Brook   •  

    plz could u send me an invite

  7. Jonas Scott   •  

    If your up to it,i’d be grateful.

    Happy Hollidays everyone!

  8. Darren Straight   •     Author

    Hey everyone I’ve been sent more invites, I’ll be contacting some of you tomorrow to see if you still need one, fingers crossed!

  9. Sean   •  

    Could I have one please?
    A big thank you in advance.

  10. Darren Straight   •  

    All people above have been invited!

    If you would like to know more about Microsoft Live why not check out mine and my friends Microsoft Forums called

    Thank you,

  11. Tugce   •  

    how can i download this
    Windows Live Messenger 8 Beta ???? need i a invitation ? my mail is

  12. Darren Straight   •     Author

    Thank’s for your comment, invite sent! 😀

  13. jack   •  

    can u send me and invite please ?

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