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Windows Blackcomb Renamed to Windows Codename Vienna

 Microsoft has now changed the Codename of Windows Blackcomb to Windows Codename Vienna, what do you think of this name change, is it better or worse or don’t you care?

Microsoft has changed the code-name for the next version of Windows after Vista from “Blackcomb” to “Vienna,” according to company evangelist and blogger Robert Scoble. Blackcomb was named back in 2000, when Windows XP was still known as Whistler. But Microsoft says it needed a name that fit the “Vista” theme.

“The codename for Blackcomb has changed to ‘Vienna’. This does not reflect a big change for us; we have used city code names in the past,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement. “These code names are derived from cities/locations in the world known for great ‘vistas’. The kinds of places we all want to see, experience and that capture the imagination. Vienna fits with this concept.”

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