The plan for the first Britblog Blogmeet

Following up on Mark Sweeting’s recent post about a Britblog blogmeet where he asked us what date and location would be good, we now have an official date and location, that being Sunday the 21st of May probably at The Marquess of Anglesey near Covent Garden.

Well we’ve settled on Sunday, 21st of May for the blogmeet. I’ll try and be at the venue from about 4 PM (unless anyone wants to meet earlier.

Venue-wise I’m thinking about The Marquess of Anglesey (Google Maps – see flag ‘A’) near Covent Garden. It’s sure to be busy, but so will every other pub in the area! This pub does have some large tables and the beer is rather good. However, if anyone can think of a better venue, please say so soonish!

If you can come

If you think you can make it, please leave a message below. It’ll be useful to get an idea of numbers. Please use a real email address too so that I can drop you an email if needed. Your email won’t be published.

Getting there

The nearest tube station is Covent Garden. It is also quite a short (10 minutes or so) walk from Waterloo station. I can recommend this route as you get some nice views over the river, and it’s not as busy as the tube. Just walk over the bridge, carry on up the hill and you’ll come to it. If anyone has further queries about getting there, either leave a message bellow or contact me.

By the way as I will have this day off as well if anybody would like to meet up again with me or come to the meet up let me know! 🙂

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