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By - Darren Straight

Windows Live Account

The Windows Live Account system is now up and running so all you need to do to try it out is go to account.live.com and sign-in to Windows Live Account with your Windows Live ID, previoulsly known as Passport. With Windows Live Account you can change your settings and get help with your Windows Live ID Account, you can also manage

By - Darren Straight

New Windows Live Local Aerial Photography Available for the UK

That’s right you read the title right, I’ve just noticed that Windows Live Local now has some new Aerial Photography for the UK, I’m really happy to see this as this was something I actually asked Phil Holden about last night when I did my interview at the Windows Live Session in London. The imagery is pretty good, but still

By - Darren Straight

Windows Live Dev site coming soon at dev.live.com

I was told last night at the second windows live session that the Windows Live Dev site would be coming very soon at dev.live.com, but I haven’t said anything about it so I thought I would share with you this blog post by Ken Levy a product planner on Microsoft’s Windows Live Platform team working on on developer API services, portal, and community. The Windows Live Platform is

By - Darren Straight

Windows Live Search Released Again!

Microsoft has now announced Windows Live Search which is due to go into beta later in 2006, confused yet? I bet you are, basically Microsoft has decided to rename their upcoming enterprise desktop search application as Windows Live Search, the smae name as their web search service, crazy or what? Read below for some more details on this crazy idea!

By - Darren Straight

Windows Media Player 11 Beta Officialy Released

Windows Media Player 11 Beta has now been officialy released to the public after the recent Windows Media Player 11 Beta Leak last sunday. This official public beta is build number 11.0.5358.4827 compared to the leaked build which was build number 11.0.5358.4826 so make sure you download this version as it’s URGE enabled.