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Windows Live Search Released Again!

Microsoft has now announced Windows Live Search which is due to go into beta later in 2006, confused yet?

I bet you are, basically Microsoft has decided to rename their upcoming enterprise desktop search application as Windows Live Search, the smae name as their web search service, crazy or what?

Read below for some more details on this crazy idea!

As Microsoft watchers inside and outside the company have noted, Microsoft is not terribly astute when it comes to naming its products. But on Wednesday, the branding department hit a new low, in terms of bad naming choices. Microsoft has decided to christen the new Windows desktop search application (that can search your desktop/Intranet and Internet), due to go beta later this year, as “Windows Live Search.” But there already is a Windows Live Search the Internet search service that is currently in beta. Are the two products the same? No, the Softies said. Are they related? Nope. We’ve decided we’re going to try using Windows Live Search A (for the desktop app version) and Windows Live Search S for the MSN service. And we thought the SharePoint branding was confusing!

Via: Microsoft-Watch

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