The MSN Conspiracy game

I’m guesing most of you remember the Msn game titled “Can you solve the Kitty Caper mystery?” which was a detective game were you could win prizes by solving the mystery of the Kitty Caper, well if you liked that one and would like to have the chance to win some prizes, then you might just like to try The MSN Conspiracy game:

Conspiracy – can you solve the mystery?

It all begins with a phone call in the dead of night.

What unfolds will challenge the most perceptive of minds. Fortunately, you’ll have the new Windows Live Search at your disposal to help unravel the nefarious plot. Pick up clues, follow the trail and see if you can expose the truth at the heart of the Conspiracy.

Win fantastic prizes

The future of the world is in your hands. Solve the mystery and a grateful world might reward you with a wonderful holiday.

First Prize
week’s holiday in Las Vegas, with a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon- or a holiday of your choice worth up to £2,500

Second Prize
A week’s holiday scuba diving in the Red Sea, with PADI training (from or a holiday of your choice worth up to £2,000

Thrid Prize
A brilliant weekend break in London- or a trip of your choice worth up to £350

The game

Your old friend Professor Adam Whitehead says he needs to see you. Urgently.

There’s just one problem: when you get to his house, he has vanished. All you can find is an old puzzle box and some cryptic manuscripts.

The challenge is clear. Can you reveal the sinister trail that leads to the professor?

You’ll have to solve riddles and open the puzzle box to find him and crack the conspiracy. At your disposal is Windows Live Search, which will prove invaluable as you probe more deeply into the mystery.

You’ll need to be smart. You’ll need to be cunning.

Have you got the wits to penetrate to the heart of Conspiracy?

Lure a friend into the Conspiracy!


  1. areulder   •  

    bec put the symbols into the box and then use it the informations from there

  2. Jose   •  

    Hi, just wanted to know if anyone know why when you put cuban missle crisis, it does not work, also the dat of october 26, 1962, I put it in and the door does not open

  3. xXxHannahxXx   •  

    I can’t open the first box on section one the symbols they gave me don’t work

  4. xXBenjieXx   •  

    i ave got the same problem as u jose the date is not 26 october 1962 can ne body tell me the date plz

  5. pub-crawler   •  

    I know about the black light map on puzzle 3 and i know that the 202feet pillar is the fire of london monument on fish street hill but what ever i type in the wonan just repeats “All rite then. What about this sketch? To me, it looks like some kind of pillar. Can you recall any similar image in London. What do i type in, any help??? its driving me nuts! Thanks.

  6. borts   •  

    i’ve solved the first three but i dont know how to get to puzzle 4,5,6 etc. please help!

  7. borts   •  


  8. Aimee   •  

    can anyone help me with conspiracy????? cant figure out what is worth $39,946,780 ????

  9. Aimee   •  

    ub crawler…i think its nelsons monument

  10. jazzy   •  

    Finally! i ave finished this tupid game! crappy ending though and it didnt really make sense!at all! because professer whitehead was running away! he wasnt captured. and anna and georgina the people u play in the game are evil!

    ive got in touch with msn games and they have said ther is gonna b anotha msn type mystery/consiracy game!
    apertly its called
    The Glass Eye- chapter 1
    again its a differnt story and its gonna b about a big conspiracy in an old town or something like that
    its gonna b e released in a couple of weeks !
    cnt wait
    luv ya davxxxx

  11. zinczy   •  

    Can some1 plz help, what exactly happend to the Sea Venture?? I have tried eveything, i think i know the whole history of the Sea Venture, plz plz help me any1 plz plz

  12. mick061070   •  

    help sum1 pls am on number 5 the one with the pic of a submarien the poets initials E.A.P its got to be edgar allen poe hasnt it ???? so why isnt that working someonehelp pls

  13. mick061070   •  

    Ok what the hell is going on with this game i have put in Haldane as the user name and Icarusas the pass word as she is telling me to and its telling me the password is wrong WHAT!!!!! what the hell is the password then please sum1 help

  14. Sofia mdl   •  

    The symbols i press dont work although when i check my answers there right!!!! HELP ME!!!! please…… My heads about to explode!!!

    Love from
    Fi x x x x x

  15. mick061070   •  

    its ok 4get the last 2 of my messages i sorted it thank god

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  17. Zeladine   •  

    HELP ME!!!!

    all that happens on part 2 when i try to put Haldane and pass: Icarus in is it doesnt work! people say you press Enter on your keyboard but that doesnt work!

    I have an idea. could somebody who CAN put in the username and pass make a new account, and do it up to creating that pass, then send me the account name and password?

    dont worry, im not asking you to give me your OWN, but to create one for me and make it so i can complete the puzzle!

    PLEASE i really want to complete it soon! i dont care what its name is…

  18. Zeladine   •  

    oh, and for Sofia mdl,

    you might be putting in the wrong symbols. check which ones they are MOST LIKE on the symbol box, and then type it in. also, you have to have completed all of the quiz tasks and collected all of the clues before you can do anything.

    hope that helped!

  19. Ryan   •  

    im having problems just trying to get an account! It comes up all wierd with something about the sorce code being wrong, so i cant play. can some one help me?

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  21. TheGing   •  

    What is the connection between Project Daedalus, a feather and the temp. of the sun?

    I know that Project Daedalus was the study of an un-manned spacecraft and that the names on the lock are the scientist involved in the study. I just don’t know what to put in.

  22. AHG   •  

    People i am new to this game and its not bad at all, ok if anyone can help me with this he would be doing me a favor.
    i finished the 3rd puzzle but now i cant find the next you have to do something to reveal them or what?
    thanks y’all

  23. Joshua Garcia   •  

    Does anybody know any other game like this? I’ve been looking for one since, well until I found Conspiracy.

  24. tom needham   •  

    what is the connection between project daedalus, a feather, and the temperature of the sun I know all about the spaceflight stff and the mythalogical story but cant find the answer she wants!?!?!
    shes blatently pissed off with me someone help??

  25. phil   •  

    I’m stuck at the london map looking for the mounument. I still can’t find it even though I have a map of london with me. HELP!!!!!

  26. katie serna   •  

    can anyone help me with puzzle 3? i don’t get what she means when she said “What is the connection of the pillar 202 and the great fire of london.” can anyone help me? plz. =[

  27. Charmed   •  

    What is the answer to puzzle 3?
    What is the connection to the fire and the 202 pillar?

  28. Bharath Ram   •  

    @ phil, katie and charmed
    the202 pillar is the monument of fire…..
    switch off the light in the table and use the torch like thing to look at the pillar…… in the thrid row and 3rd column in the grid find the monument and click it…

    there is a bug in this part and even i found it difficult, so keep trying… gud luck……

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