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Microsoft to Drop PDF Support in Office 2007

Microsoft has now admitted that it’s now going to be dropping PDF Support in Office 2007, but why?

After all haven’t customers been asking for this support feature for ages, plus the PDF format is apparently classified as an open document format so there shouldn’t be any problems with adding it into Office 2007, after all OpenOffice and Apple’s Mac OS X operating system has it so why not Office 2007.

Well the reason why Microsoft is dropping PDF Support in Office 2007 is because Adobe wanted to sue Microsoft if they didn’t accept their offer of charging them for using PDF Support.

Clearly Microsoft wasn’t going to accept this because as I mentioned earlier the PDF format is supposed to be open, or at least is, but not for Microsoft.

So what is Microsoft going to do now, well apparently they are also going to have to drop their XPS format from Office 2007 as well as PDF Support, and may at a later date make the PDF feature available through a downloadable add-on.

But until Adobe comments on their actions we can’t be for certain what will happen next, but maybe Adobe will realise that they’ve made a mistake and let Microsoft use their PDF format, though in all honesty I can’t see that happening, but hey you never know.

Via: BetaNews

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