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Windows Live Custom Domains V1 Released

Windows Live Custom Domains V1 is now released out of Beta, but what does Windows Live Custom Domains do for you, well it provides you with free hosted e-mail from Microsoft for your own domain name.

Here are some of the enhancements and features Windows Live Custom Domains offer you:

  • E-mail accounts for everyone. Create an unlimited number of accounts in your domain.
  • New e-mail features. Everyone at your domain will get an MSN Hotmail account. These accounts can upgrade for free to the new Windows Live Mail beta, which offers 2GB of storage and enhanced security features.
  • Use it for Windows Live Messenger and more. E-mail addresses at your domain can also be used for instant messaging and other services on the MSN and Windows Live network.
  • No hassle or fuss. Your e-mail is hosted by Microsoft, so there is no need to buy or manage e-mail servers.
  • Flexibility. The optional software development kit lets you choose how Custom Domains works with your website or application.

And if everybody’s worrying about the cost, don’t!

Because it’s still free, and will be for life!. 🙂

Ohh and by the way a big congratulations to the Windows Live Custom Domain Team on launching this out of beta so it can be up there with Windows Live OneCare, Windows Live Favorites and Windows Live Messenger which are all out of Beta too! 😀

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