Discover Windows Live Spaces the future of MSN Spaces!

Are you ready for Windows Live Spaces the next generation of MSN Spaces, well you better be, because it’s getting closer than ever as you can see from demonstration sites like this one which are intended to show you what Windows Live Spaces will offer us in terms of features when it goes live very soon!

Windows Live Spaces Preview

Update: Could this be what the main portal of Windows Live Spaces Will look like when launched?

Via: Satoshi | starkraker


  1. TW Shadow   •  

    I can’t wait for this brand new release for Spaces. Windows Live Spaces looks to be the best among all blog web sites. I kind of think they took a page from book. Notice the friends links? Friend networking is the biggest part of MySpace and MSN/Live kind of added this in. Microsoft is grabbed ahold of my attention with Live Mail, Live Messenger, and now Live Spaces

  2. absorbation   •  

    Hey, this is great news, MSN Spaces were never that “great looking”, but with the Live feel it is a 100% improvement. I look forward to more updates you have about Windows Live and its devlopment.

  3. Ed   •  

    Do we have new templates or the power of customize the background? I guess there is no option.

  4. Darren Straight   •  

    Yeah I agree TW Shadow, this is going to be a great Improvement but like Ed said what about Templates, I’ll have to find out about that! 🙂

    Thanks absorbation. 😀

  5. chuy   •  

    sere responsable para utilizar este programa

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