Windows Live Local comes to Australia

According to this Windows Live Local Australia Blog, Windows Live Local has now arrived in Australia. So you can now start navigating around Australia with detailed imagery, mapping and places of interest.

However I’ve checked myself and as of yet can’t find a single detailed image of Australia on Windows Live Local, only the screenshot on that blog, and the only reason for this that I can see is that maybe it’s because the actual imagery isn’t completely live yet as this is just pre-release news which wasn’t intended to be found yet, I guess soon we will find out.

Though if anybody does find any detailed imagery of Australia, let me know.

Windows Live Local Australia


  1. Decipher   •  

    Hi Darren,

    I just tried this myself, being an Australian I was hoping it was so… unfortunately it couldn’t get anything worthy of mention even in Melbourne.

    Pitty, hopefully it’s on the way though.


  2. Darren Straight   •     Author

    Hey Decipher,

    Thanks for trying it out, I wonder why somebody actually made that post then if the imagery for Australia isn’t actually there yet.

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