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By - Darren Straight

What exactly is Sonifics SongSpots Music Player?

Ever heard of Sonific’s SongSpots? Are you on the Sonific’s SongSpots Limited Private Beta? What do you think of Sonific’s SongSpots Service? What’s this, you havent heard of Sonific’s SongSpots Service yet, well let me explain, or better yet lets have Sonific the company explain to you first about their selves as a company: Sonific was founded in July 2005,

By - Darren Straight

Askimet was down which explains recent spam posts!

So according to the Askimet Blog, Askimet the wordpress spam stopper was down, guess that explains why I was receiving lots of spam comments on my blog, glad the problems fixed now though. The stats code introduced yesterday had a bug which only triggered about 24 hours after it had launched. It kicked in for different blogs at different times,