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By - Darren Straight

Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta Build 8.0.0924

Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta Build 8.0.0924 is now available for download, but as always make sure you have signed up for the Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta on ideas.live.com or you wont be able to access it. To sign up and download Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta Build 8.0.0924, follow the following procedures: Go to http://ideas.live.com Find the tile for

By - Darren Straight

Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft

Microsoft has over 150 FREE Windows Programs available for download but finding them all is extremely difficult. Until now, thanks to the Blake Handler a Tech Evangelist & MS Consultant who has provided us on his blog (Road to Know Where) an Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft. Here’s a very small sample of his links: WINDOWS XP

By - Darren Straight

Top 10 Search Keyphrases for July 2006

1315  different keyphrases where used to find my site in July 2006, here are the top 10 with the amount of time they were used and their percentage.  vtunnel | 521 | 8.6 % msn conspiracy game | 187 | 3.1 % msn conspiracy | 124 | 2 % msn cartoon | 85 | 1.4 % conspiracy game | 70 | 1.1

By - Darren Straight

Windows Live Spaces is Live!

The title says it all, Windows Live Spaces is now Live, check it out: http://spaces.live.com/ http://darrenstraight.spaces.live.com/ http://www.darrenstraight.spaces.live.com/ http://darrenstraight.spaces.msn.com/ http://www.darrenstraight.spaces.msn.com/ http://spaces.live.com/darrenstraight http://spaces.msn.com/darrenstraight Note however that it’s still a little bit slow as it’s still being rolled out around the world, so if you find your Live Space a little too slow, it might be wise to check back in a couple

By - Darren Straight

MSN Messenger available on your 3 Mobile in the UK

Following 3’s (Mobile Network) press release earlier this year about an agreement between 3 and MSN on providing MSN Messenger and Hotmail on 3 Mobile Phones, you can now get MSN Messenger on your 3 Mobile in the UK by visiting the following site: http://www.three.co.uk/lifestyle/msn.omp At the moment you can get MSN Messenger free for 3 months on the 3 Mobile Network

By - Darren Straight

Windows Live Spaces is fast approaching!

According to a post posted at the Live Sessions News Blog about an hour ago, MSN Spaces has already changed to Windows Live Spaces, however it’s clearly seen that no change has taken place, but saying this, maybe this is a hint that MSN Spaces is changing to Windows Live Spaces very soon. Here’s what the post says: MSN Spaces has changed to Windows