Accepted for Microsoft Student Partner Programme 2006/2007

Hey everyone, if you haven’t already heard, I’ve been accepted onto the Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Programme for the term 2006/2007 so as you can imagine I’m feeling pretty happy right now, you should have seen how much I was smiling earlier today when I read the email congratulating me onto the programme!

Because to be part of the Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Programme 2006/2007 is something which I take with great pride and privilege in being part of and I just know that it will give me a great insight into Microsoft and how it works as well as giving me some great opportunities.

My first MSP Event will be at the end of this week were I will get the chance to talk to fellow MSP’s and Microsoft Employees as well as getting my MSP Welcoming pack, so by next week except an update what happened, it’s all very exciting!

*A big thanks goes out to Microsoft for my acceptance onto the program and a big Hello to everybody who’s going to the MSP Event, cant wait to meet you all!*


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