Windows Live Barcode launches!

No Windows Live Barcode isn’t a joke. Read below for more info!

What is Windows Live Barcode
Windows Live Barcode is a set of services that transfer information between various media (PCs, billboards, magazines etc.) and handsets via Quick Response Code (QR Code), a two-dimensional barcode. It provides a new method for people to exchange information and enjoy various online services on handsets. Windows Live Barcode aims to enhance handset utility and provide you with more convenience and flexibility.

What is QR Code
The QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode. It contains a considerably greater volume of information in both vertical and horizontal directions than typical barcode in one dimension.


  1. Swamp thing   •  

    I think that this is great. Although, it is my belief that MSFT is working with a third party and their IP. Which is O.K. but nothing has been mentioned to date.

    Something else that everyone esle is not seeing is that there is more interaction with these codes than just personal contact info.

    Click the Qode.

    Turn on content with just one click.

    What about using words, key words, images, logos, 2D, 1D, RFID, etc to get a direct connection with your mobile device.

    Go to

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