Happy 4th Birthday, Windows XP Media Center Edition!

While Windows XP might be celebrating its 5th Birthday, Windows XP Media Center Edition is celebrating its 4th Birthday today!  It’s been a long ride, but it all started on October 29, 2002 when HP started shipping their first Media Center PC.

It launched with the help of this guy (pictured below) and sported features such as use of a single analog tuner and DVD recording only on high end machines (which you couldn’t do from within the MCE UI).  Price points on the very few machines offered with Media Center at the time ranged from $1300 to $2000.  Single tuner, no HD anything, no widescreen anything, nothin.

Thanks goes to Chris Lanier for not letting us forget to say Happy 4th Birthday to Windows XP Media Center Edition, check out Chris’ Blog for a screenshot history of Windows Media Center which includes a screenshot of the upcoming Windows Vista Media Center release.

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