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Haystack.com Has Arrived in Public Preview!

Haystack.com (Haystack) a social music community connecting passionate fans to music through Tastemakers and friends has just launched into a public preview beta!

Haystack helps enhance connections between music and those who care about it by helping artists create personal relationships with fanbases, fans to organize their experiences and tastes and tastemakers to promote.

Since last week Haystack already has over 1000 profiles and it’s growing all the time, some of the artists already in, include: Snow Patrol, Dirty on Purpose, My Chemical Romance, Aimee Mann, David Gray and many more.

So take my word for it, now’s a great time for you to Sign Up. Especially while Haystack is still a small community so it gives you the chance to carve out your niche. Maybe you’ve got what it takes to be a Tastemaker?

Come see for yourself and don’t forget to let Hackstack know what you think.

See you on the Stack at Hackstack.com!

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