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NBC Universal Digital Studios enter into agreement with MSN

MSN and NBC Universal Digital Studios, a studio dedicated to creating original and unique programming for a wide range of digital platforms, have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement announced today by George Kliavkoff, chief digital officer of NBC Universal, and Rob Bennett, general manager of Entertainment and Video Services for MSN. Beginning this fall, the MSN Video audience will have exclusive access to the new NBCU Digital Studios program A Big Life With Sissy Biggers hosted by lifestyle personality Sissy Biggers (http://originals.msn.com/abiglife). A Big Life With Sissy Biggers is a key component of the MSN Originals initiative because the show is highly interactive, unique to the Web and exclusive to MSN.

For years Biggers has been known for her humorous, upbeat approach to cooking, entertaining, gardening and living. On A Big Life With Sissy Biggers this former face of the Food Network’s Ready, Set, Cook! and PBS’ Victory Garden will create an interactive experience for users seeking unique and informative lifestyle information on a wide range of subjects from creating a delicious cheese plate to polishing up table manners. A Big Life With Sissy Biggers will also give users the opportunity to share what’s going on in their lives; the webisodes’ site will feature Your Big Life, a forum for users to share their experiences, suggestions and photos online, and A Bigger View, a section offering additional information on each topic covered on the show. For an upcoming webisode, Biggers will cover last-minute homemade hostess gifts, and will invite her audience to post their own hostess-gift ideas to share with the Big Life community.MSN is a vibrant online destination and we’re proud that it’s the first portal to distribute content produced by NBC Universal Digital Studios, Kliavkoff said. With consumers’ and advertisers’ appetites for original broadband content increasing exponentially each day, ‘A Big Life with Sissy Biggers’ answers the need for innovative, fresh lifestyle programming on the Web. The show is a perfect example of the high-quality, current content that’s being conceived and produced by NBC Universal Digital Studios.

The Internet is rapidly emerging as the new forum for creating unique, engaging storytelling experiences, and MSN is dedicated to working with content creators and advertisers to explore the possibilities of original programming online, Bennett said. We are thrilled to work with the NBCU team to bring ‘A Big Life’ to our audience.

Nintendo of America Inc. has signed on as an early advertiser of the webisodes, which will air over 13 weeks. During A Big Life With Sissy Biggers Nintendo of America will feature video ads for the launch of Wii, an innovative, new video game console.

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