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Telcogames Launches 3D Puzzle Sil For Smartphones

Telcogames, a global publisher, developer and distributor of mobile games yesterday announced the launch of award winning SiL, a 3D silhouette matching puzzle for smart phone devices and PC.SIL the latest Nokia award winning 3D puzzle game to be launched and developed by Telcogames takes on the addictive puzzling antics of shape recognition but with a whole new reverse twist.  Train your fingers to be as fast as the eye with this simple, elegant, colourful and fun puzzle.

SIL short for silhouette puts your matching abilities to the test.  Faced with an assortment of silhouettes that quickly change their form into solid 3D shapes, your task is to rotate the objects to match their silhouettes sounds easy?  SIL will test your perception skills and agility to the limit!

With colourful stylised visuals, a funky soundtrack and over a hundred brain-bending objects to match, SIL leaves other puzzle games in the shade. 


  • Instantly accessible with simple controls
  • Unlockable trophy objects
  • 3 different game modes
  • Depth of game play with a chain combo and bonus multiplier system
  • 100 different 3D objects
  • Flashy full-screen visual effects
  • Funky soundtrack 

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