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Vizu Answers has been successfully launched!

Vizu Answers places interactive polls directly onto Web site pages; there are no popup or new browser windows involved. Their technology integrates the poll widget seamlessly into a site unlike advertising assets that often look out of place compared to the rest of the page. When a user votes on a poll, the results load within the widget without a refresh of the page needed providing a superior user experience.

Vizu uses this polling technology along with a growing network of distribution partners (i.e. Web sites) to broker a research relationship between the partners and people who want to ask questions of the parnters’ readers. Their network has a variety of different sites including blogs, networks, portals, news & media properties and retailers. Each property has a unique audience that allows for the targeting of research questions to specific demographics.

No incentive is offered to the respondents of the polls other than allowing them to express their opinion on a question, and then see how their response compares to others. As a result, the results from Vizu’s polls are typically free from the bias that can influence other honorarium based research approaches. The respondents to Vizu’s polls are truly random and are not part of a recruited panel of test subjects.

So why add Vizu Answers to your site?

  • Well unlike ads, Vizu’s polls do not take visitors off your site
  • Polls are interactive and encourage user participation
  • Polls fit the look and feel of your existing visual design
  • Polls provide content targeted to your audience
  • Polls are an excellent way to monetize your site traffic

So Why not go ahead and register, and maybe even use my name as a referral! 😉 

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