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A new event is launching in February called Startup!

Startup! is a new event, in conjunction with TechCrunch UK, that has the aim of bringing together people, ideas & money by bringing together the UK’s best technology startups and the best active investors: angels, VCs and corporates.

Right now the first Startup! event in central London is in the final stages of planning with a number of interested investor partners. The aim is to hold this event sometime in early February, with further regional Startup! events planned to take place in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, NewCastle, Edinburgh, Oxford, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Dublin and elsewhere depending on the demand.

The proposed format for the day-time event will work out as each entrepreneur being given 10 mins to present their business proposition to the audience of investors. After the event, TechCrunch will additionally post a review for their wider readership along with a short video of the presentation, unless otherwise requested not to do so. i.e the startup in question wishes to remain under the radar.

So if you are interested in participating either as an investor or entrepreneur why not register your interest here (no commitment required) in attending Startup!

Via: TechCrunch UK

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