Christmas BritBlog Blogmeet 2006

Well I went to the Christmas BritBlog blogmeet in London last night with Robert Gale and well what can I say it turned out to be pretty good, there were around 15 people at one point! 🙂

Here’s a list of attendees with the corresponding links to their blogs, sorry if I misspelled any names, the list isn’t in its best condition after being soaked in beer! 😉

Robert Gale
Mark Sweeting
Nancy Farrell
Adrian Sevitz
Darren Straight
Daniel Nicholls
Ian Wilson
Natalie Grunewald
Vincent Payne (N/A – Blog yet to be created)
Neil Smith
Andy Newson
Lorissa Shepstone (+ 1 guest)
MC Rebbe

And hey check out my Christmas BritBlog Blogmeet Flickr Set for some great images!



  1. Robert Gale   •  

    Great pics! I must have been in the toilet, or at the bar when you took the group photo.

  2. lorissa   •  

    nice to meet you yesterday – although i don’t think i was even good enough to introduce myself. i’m terrible with that.

    anyway, perhaps catch you at the next one!

    (oh, and btw, it’s shepstone, not shedstone) 🙂

  3. Darren Straight   •  

    Hehe no problem, and hey I’ll change your name now, thanks for stoping by! 🙂

  4. nrgza   •  

    Lovely to meet you Darren, good pics!

  5. MC Rebbe   •  

    Good to meet you Darren.

    BTW It’s MC Rebbe not Mc Rebbe…I’m a Jewish rapper…not a Scottish Jew.


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