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By - Darren Straight

Microsoft Academy Marketing or Technical Programme?

So as most of you probably already know by now, when I graduate from the University of Kent in June 2007 with my BSc Honours Degree in Information Technology, I want to work for Microsoft, more specifically in either the MSN or Windows Live Division! Microsoft is a company that I’ve always wanted to work for because not only are

By - Darren Straight

Chat with Santa on Windows Live Messenger!

This year families can avoid the lines to see Santa at the mall and spend time at home together chatting with Santa Claus through Windows Live Messenger. Ho, ho, ho! This year there is another way for kids to share Christmas wish lists with Santa Claus. Using Windows Live Messenger, parents can spend time with their kids chatting in real

By - Darren Straight

Design IT 2007 Creative Calculator

IT geniuses, from the famous to the unsung, have consistently demonstrated how different types of creativity are the basis of true innovative thinking. Now it’s your turn. Everyone knows you’re a genius. Or at least, you do. But how does your creative spark show itself? Are you a Tim Berners-Lee, a Seymour Cray or a Steve Wozniak? Just use the Creative

By - Darren Straight

The Developer Highway Code

To build software that meets your security objectives, you must integrate security activities into your software development lifecycle. The Microsoft Developer Highway Code handbook captures and summarises the key security engineering activities that should be an integral part of your software development processes. These security engineering activities have been developed by Microsoft patterns & practices to build on, refine and extend

By - Darren Straight

A New Job isn’t combat!

Starting a first job or even just beginning a new one can be very daunting and is frequently unsettling. You often won’t know the layout of the location where you’ll be working, you probably won’t know any of the people you’ll be working with and you almost certainly will not be familiar with the company’s work ethics, house styles, and

By - Darren Straight

Katie Price and Kate Middleton Crowned Queens of our Hearts

Live Search’s ‘Top 100 Searches for 2006′ reveals Kate Middleton is most popular Royal They may be the most famous family in Britain, but the 2006 Live Search round up reveals that Brits are more fascinated by royal ‘ladies in waiting’ Kate Middleton and Chelsea Davy than by the Windsors themselves. Prince William’s girlfriend of two years – Kate Middleton