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By - Darren Straight

Hugh Macleod’s tour of Saville Row London

If you haden’t noticed already, Robert scoble has now uploaded his “Pissed as Newts” tour video in which Hugh Macleod takes us geeks on a tour of Saville Row, London while we were getting pissed as newts! It was pretty interesting being there and seeing how much Hugh knew all about the tailors so you may just want to go ahead and

By - Darren Straight

How was Christmas 2006?

So hey I haven’t posted here for a little while, what’s everyone been up to over the Holiday Season? I myself have been pretty busy studying and working! Though I have had some days off to enjoy myself. Anybody got anything planned for the New Years, I myself don’t have anything planned this year as I’ve got to pick my parents up from the