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50 things I’ve learned in 2006

Here’s a list of 50 things I’ve learned last year (2006) from a completed blog challenge proposed by Lorelle in which he challenges you to write the 50 things you’ve learned this year.

  1. Blogging about VTunnel has brought me lots of visitors to this blog.
  2. Newsvine is a pretty cool news site I got to beta test.
  3. Blogging is great, but good blogging takes time.
  4. The Windows Live Sessions made me blog more.
  5. RUSSIA is planning to mine a rare fuel on the moon by 2020 with a permanent base and a heavy-cargo transport link.
  6. My current IP scores a 6 at IP Spotting
  7. Laughter paves the way for romance.
  8. Google is spreading rapidly.
  9. Google can befriend and/or betray you.
  10. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, turned 5 years old January 15, 2006.
  11. A flight to the states can take ages to save up for as a student.
  12. WordPress was definitely the right choice for me.
  13. Windows Live Local/Maps kicks ass.
  14. Blogging is rewarding.
  15. Webmaster Radio is a call radio station.
  16. The Kraftwerk Website is pretty weird yet cool.
  17. There’s always fun to be had in Microsoft’s Windows XP Expert Zone Chat Room.
  18. UrlyArt didn’t take of as expected.
  19. LED Throwies are cool!
  20. Blogging is a great communication and networking tool.
  21. A slim cable for a space elevator was built stretching a mile into the sky, enabling robots to scrabble some way up and down the line.
  22. Yahoo! Publisher Network Beta Program is still US only!
  23. DOZENS of the world’s cities, including London and New York, could be flooded by 2100.
  24. It pays do to thorough research.
  25. Don’t go for cheap hosting that’s you thinks run by a kid
  26. The Cube is that film which I watched when I was 13 or so.
  27. Windows Mobile phones can be pretty slow at times.
  28. The documentary Loose Change [2nd Edition] does prove some shadow of a doubt as to that what happened on September 11 2001.
  29. MSN Games turned 10 years old.
  30. Microsoft opening up more to developers.
  31. 06/06/06/ was nothing special.
  32. Flickr is more amazing and useful than I first thought
  33. Blog statistics are interesting.
  34. Flash is 10 years old.
  35. The Windows Live Butterfly Community is like a family.
  36. Technorati rocks!
  37. BritBlog is a cool blog directory.
  38. Blog Meetups are way cool!
  39. The Kent IT Clinic (KITC) which I will be working for at university looks to be interesting.
  40. Pub Crawls with geeks rock!
  41. My readers love my current Blog Theme.
  42. Need to do something big for Christmas or the New Years in 2007.
  43. People can sometimes become so jealous of one’s success that they try and retaliate against them.
  44. Blog posts can be stolen and used without permission for someone else’s own personal gain.
  45. Microsoft release launches rock more than ever!
  46. Graduating from University is pretty cool.
  47. Graduating on my second course this year in 2007 could be even cooler by doing it in style with a limo!
  48. The Microsoft Student Partners Programme is an awesome programme which gives you access to loads of Resources which you can use to do product launches like Windows Vista and Office 2007 at your University.
  49. Arrested Development on MSN Video is watchable.
  50. Microsoft are doing more for the community than ever before.

1 thought on “50 things I’ve learned in 2006

Lorelle January 2, 2007 at 7:05 pm

Great list. Wow! You’ve learned a lot.

And I love it that blog meetups rock. I’m looking forward to attending some very soon.

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