Yesterdays UK Developer Launch of Windows Vista and Office 2007

So hey I hope everyone who attended or watched online the UK Developer Launch of Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system enjoyed it, me and 4 friends sure did enjoy being down there, shame my other friend who also really wanted to come couldn’t though. He was really looking forward to it, but the day before, he had to go into hospital for treatment and well he emailed me that night to say that he had to go back the next day for more treatment, so as you can imagine he was pretty pissed off! 🙁

Wish we could have brought him some freebies back, but the problem is that because he didn’t attend or hand in the feedback sheet we couldn’t!

Oh well, there will always be something else similar he can go to.

Anyhow yeah like I said I really enjoyed it, though I have to admit there were a couple of times that I felt sleepy, but hey I blame it for the early start I had.

I woke up at 4:30am, left my house at about 5:00am, met up with my friends at about 5:35, and I believe we arrived at Microsoft coming onto 7am, from there we drove into Reading town Centre  for some breakfast at McDonalds at the Oracle Shopping Centre, check out the pics you’ll see how the river was quite high, anyhow once we finished our breakfast we headed back to the Microsoft Building for registration at 8:30, shame about the heavy traffic in Reading Town Centre though, it must have took us 30 minutes or so to get through it, argh!

Anyhow enough rambling of why I had to get up early, it was worth it! :p

And so was the UK Vista Office Launch Geek Dinner organised by Zi Makki.

And hey if you haven’t done already you should head over to:

More specifically, if you’re a UK Developer:

Or if you love photos, check out my Flickr Set of the first day.

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