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Microsoft Community Betas Services Released

In recent years, Microsoft has made major strides in building up its community outreach. The company has invited bloggers to special events and conferences, established a “Featured Communities” program, and even actively sought feedback from enthusiasts for Windows Vista.

Now, The Microsoft.com Community Technologies Team  is taking that effort one step further by launching a series of beta Web sites and services designed for those who can’t get enough of Microsoft. Initially, the Microsoft Community will be made up of Forums, Blogs, and a social bookmarking tool called Tagspace. But it’s hoped that the Microsoft Community Beta will evolve over time into something even more special, especially with all the user feedback the will be getting “We want this to be your project as much as if not more than it is ours. ”

Microsoft’s development strategy is built on three pillars:

  • Deliver tagging and social bookmarking services so that members can identify, keep track of, and make more discoverable the things they find interesting on Microsoft.com, Microsoft-related sites, and broadly on the Web.
  • Provide community members with innovative and thoroughly democratic ways to recognize others and be recognized in the community.
  • Replace current Microsoft blogs and forums sites, and use the opportunity to better integrate across services, redesign the UI, and deliver new experiences based on the aforementioned social networking-type services the team is building for broad consumption.
Microsoft Forums Beta Microsoft Forums Beta
Questions, answers, and discussions for technology professionals.

Microsoft Blogs Beta Microsoft Blogs Beta
Commentary and conversations for technology professionals.

Tagspace Beta Refresh Tagspace Beta Refresh
Bookmarking for technology professionals

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