Microsoft: Second Life On XBox Live?

During a recent Halo 3 event, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Game Studios – Shane Kim revealed that he has spent some time with the Linden Lab guys (developers of Second Life). Apparently, the guys are trying to build and incorporate a Second Life on Xbox Live or YouTube, Facebook, any of those big social networking services and sites to the 360. Kim stated that it was a lot of hard work. Kim also revealed that he doubts whether Sony can achieve its online Home network for PlayStation 3; that third-party exclusives are a things of the past; and that Windows Live is the most important thing he’s working on.

“I doubt [Sony’s] ability to implement it and execute it in a really rich and compelling way.

“PlayStation Network is not Xbox Live, it’s not even close. To think about layering [Home] on top of that–wow. The hardest part is not even creating the system, it’s regulating the behaviour and all of that too. Boy, that’s a massive investment in infrastructure. I actually believe that most gamers will always find more value in what we have on Xbox Live and now Games for Windows Live and how we’re building that out, which really started all about gaming features and now has added more like instant messaging, Video Marketplace, etcetera. That’s what I think is a much better approach, and that’s what our approach is going to be.”

You can read the full interview here.

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  1. Ed Crudge   •  

    You know, this makes perfect sense: of course M$ would go about copying someone else’s original ideas rather than developing their own. M$ are the biggest hypocrites I know. First they trash on Sony’s choice to put in HDMI and Hi-Def movie playback, and look where M$ are now -adding their own versions to their poorly-thought-out, uber-rushed out machine. They’ll soon be adding Blu-Ray. And now their looking to do their own copy of Home (which they have been trashing on since it was announced). I’ll bet money they’ll try to call it something “cool” like CRIB, but end up looking like the smelly nerd in the game store trying to use hip-hop lingo.

    Sickest thing is, people keep buying into their BS.

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