Microsoft Adds In-Copyright Books & New Features To Live Search Books

Microsoft has announced that they have added in-copyright books to Windows Live Search Books as well as carrying the successful two-pane interface of Windows Live Search Academic over to Live Search Books. Microsoft says that this unique two-pane interface makes it easy to scan and preview search results. The preview pane includes a cover image, summary of the book and table of contents previews (where available), and a new hit density map that makes it easy to see where your search results fall in a given title.

Microsoft says it has permission to scan and display books from a wide range of publishers. And have paid particular attention to ensuring that they are only including books in their index that their publishing partners have given them permission to include, so Microsoft’s customers and partners can feel secure in their stance on copyright protection.

Here are just a few of our launch partners: Academic Resources Corporation, Amherst Media, Bearport Publishing, Cambridge University Press, Edward Elgar Publishing, Harrison House Publishers, Harvard University Press, Hazelden Publishing & Educational Services, Institute for International Economics, John Wiley & Sons Publishing, Lerner Publishing Group, MBI Publishing Company, McGraw-Hill Companies, Microsoft Corporation, MIT Press, OECD, Osprey Publishing, Oxford University Press, Pearson Education, PREP Publishing, Rodale, Rutgers University Press, Simon & Schuster, Springer, SUNY Press, Taylor & Francis Group, The Perseus Books Group, The World Bank, University of Massachusetts Press, Wheatmark, Wilderness Press, World Health Organization, World Scientific Publishing Company, World Wisdom, Yale University Press.

With many more not named here—and many more whose books will be incorporated as Microsoft update the index going forward.

Publishers who are interested in submitting content can find out more about the program at

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