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Microsoft Imagine Cup Gallery Opening on Second Life

This Thursday I attended the Imagine Cup Gallery Opening/Party in Second Life and wow was it packed out or what, plenty of people to chat to thats for sure. The Island contains 12 Imagine Cup screens each with two different videos or presentation slides to watch as well as this there’s also a concert stage and a party area just to the side of the skydiving seat launcher! 🙂

So yeah I had a great time watching the videos/presentation, dancing and chatting to people. Shame the sim at one point at to restart, though it didn’t take long for the crowd to come back in.

Check out some of the Screenshots I took below:


Can you spot me in my Visual Studio Winner Jacket? 😉 The Guy with the baby monkey on top of him is no other than Miel, who was showing some great moves, not sure about one of the pics though. Took it at the wrong time that’s for sure. 🙂 

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