Blogger and Podcaster Issue 2 – June 2007

Just noticed that Issue 2 of Blogger and Podcaster is out for June 2007.

About the Magazine:
Blogger & Podcaster magazine is the industry’s first full fledged trade magazine. Our mission is very simple: Provide bloggers and podcasters with the information that will help them get rich and famous. Each month our editorial team and “A” list columnist provide news, analysis, technology and advice that today’s aspiring new media titans can readily implement in their businesses

You can view it here.

Manor Park Country Park West Malling

Last week I was travelling to and from St John’s Ambulance Centre in West Malling to complete my four day first aid course, and not only did I pass the course, so I’m now a first aide with my HSE approved certificate which is valid for three years.

But I also had the chance to take some wonderful photos of while on my lunch break.

These Photos are of West Malling’s Manor Park Country Park and surrounding areas and can be viewed at my West Malling Flickr Set here.

Here’s a small selection:





Microsoft gathers “rock star” developers to build Next Generation Search Engine!

Michael Arrington from TechCrunch is reporting that Microsoft has gatherd a team of twenty or more “rock star” developers to build Microsoft’s next generation search engine.

Microsoft has gathered a team of twenty or more rock star developers who’ve been tasked at building their next generation search engine, a source has told us. The team, which supposedly came together recently, is based at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley headquarters in Mountain View.

We have few details on their approach to the product, other than hearing that it is definitely a horizontal engine (so, it’s not limited to a specific vertical like images), and is very cool.

Microsoft moved Sanaz Ahari down to Silicon Valley to lead the project. Ahari was previously on the team, and was reportedly the youngest lead product manager in Microsoft history at 23. She was part of the core team that developed the product, which was later renamed Fast Company recently wrote an article on her.

It’s to early to tell what could possible come from this, but I’ll be sure to be watching this like a hulk just to make sure nothing goe’s past my eye without a notice! 😉

More Tickets released for Live Earth Concert at Giants Stadium

In response to overwhelming demand, Live Nation announced today that additional tickets will be released for the Live Earth: The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis show 7/7/07 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. Tickets are set to be released TODAY at 10 a.m. Tickets are available at or by calling Ticketmaster at (212) 307-7171 and (201) 507-8900.

The All-Star lineup including AFI, Akon, Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews Band, Fall Out Boy, John Mayer, Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson, KT Tunstall, Ludacris, Melissa Etheridge, Roger Waters, Sheryl Crow, Smashing Pumpkins, The Police and other special guests will take the stage for the finale of the nine-city concert. The 24-hour Live Earth concert series will begin in Sydney, Australia and continue across all 7 continents with official concerts in Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China; Johannesburg, South Africa; London, United Kingdom; Hamburg, Germany; Istanbul, Turkey; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, before concluding at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Giants Stadium has initiated unprecedented eco-friendly initiatives in preparation for Live Earth. To reduce green house gas emissions caused by people traveling to the Live Earth Concert, a free shuttle bus fueled by bio-diesel will be provided from the Secaucus Transfer Station to the Stadium. For train schedules to the Transfer Station visit Additionally, concertgoers are being urged to carpool or take mass transit wherever possible. For bus service from New York City please visit

Other green initiatives being embraced by the concert producers and venue include:

  • All buses and power generators used in association with the concert will be fueled by bio-diesel.
  • All food products and containers will be made from either recycled materials or of bio degradable stock.
  • No plywood is being used in the concert production and field preparation for the first time ever in the history of concerts at Giants Stadium.

Patrons that purchased tickets to the Live Earth Giants Stadium event prior to June 4th will be sent a permit that allows entrance to the Meadowlands Sports Complex Parking Lots. Patrons that purchase tickets after June 4th will be sent a permit to park at a remote shuttle lot and will not have access to the Sports Complex parking lots. Due to construction at the Meadowlands Sports Complex, parking at the Complex is very limited. is back!

Remember Maybe? Maybe Not? depends on how long you’ve been around! 😉 was a United Kingdom Internet company founded by Ernst Malmsten, Kajsa Leander and Patrik Hedelin that famously went bust following the dot-com boom of the late 1990s.’s intention was to sell branded fashion wear over the Internet; however, after spending vast sums of its venture capital, it eventually had to liquidate and was placed into receivership on May 18, 2000. Web Reservations International now owns 

Well do I have news for you, is back!

Web Reservations International have brought back in web 2.0 style. It is now a travel site with destination reviews, sightseeing, bars and restaurant listings and reviews and places to stay. An interesting feature is that you can book on boo or directly with the hotel. However Miss Boo and the Boo Crew are as yet not in evidence. When the new site launched, it already had more than one million user reviews which had been collected from existing WRI travel sites.

Check it out at:

Thorpe Park here we come, but first how!

A couple of weeks ago myself and my friends from University decided that we would organise a trip to Thorpe Park for all of us as it’s rarely we all get the chance to go out together all at the same time and have some fun, originally it was just 5 of us and then it went up to a total of 8 (possible 9), but now unfortunately two of my friends can’t come, though they have valid reasons (it’s just a shame they can’t come), so now there’s a total of 6 of us going.

And now those of us that are left are finding it kind of hard to find an easy/cheap way of getting to Thorpe Park as I can drive but we can only fit in a maximum of 5 in my car and that’s a little bit squashed. So we started looking at how much it would cost us to hire a SUV/MPV/Minibus for the day, but though we have found some good prices if we can possible get some more people to share the price with us, there’s the problem of returning the car.

We would not make it back in time to return the car that day so we would have to bring it back the next day, but the problem there is that the next morning I wouldn’t be able to do that because the next morning I am going to the Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge as part of a Microsoft Student Partners Event.

I’ve had a word with one of my friends and he is going to ask his brother and his brother’s girlfriend if either of them would mind driving too so we could go back to our original plan of taking two cars. Hopefully one of them will say yes (wishes/prays) because the 19th of June the date we are going to Thorpe Park is fast approaching!

Launch date for iPhone revealed

Apple has confirmed that its much-anticipated iPhone product will launch on 29 June in the US. The date was given in a series of TV adverts broadcast on Sunday, and was later confirmed by a spokesman for the California-based company.

The device, which combines the features of a mobile phone and personal digital assistant, will sell for $499 (£251) and $599, depending on configuration.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs together at D5 conference 2007

Not sure how many of you haven’t seen the interview Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg conducted with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the D5 (All Things Digital) conference on May 30, 2007. But here’s a bunch of text and video coverage links to the complete Bill Gates and Steve Jobs interview:

Here’s the Highlight Reel in full view:

Top 10 Search Keyphrases for May 2007

2674 different keyphrases were used to find my site in May 2007, here are the top 10 with the amount of times they were used plus their overal usage percentage.

2674 different keyphrases Search Percent
vtunnel 2289 21.9 %
https // 423 4 %
mkt004 366 3.5 %
https// 324 3.1 %
https// 322 3 %
dnsas 191 1.8 %
https/ 120 1.1 %
vtunnel myspace 103 0.9 %
https// 103 0.9 %
105 101 0.9 %
Other phrases 6090 58.3 %