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ParkatmyHouse.com have you checked it out yet?

Have you heard of ParkatmyHouse.com yet? It’s a new and innovative system of parking which provides affordable, penalty-free and secure spaces around public venues in various town and cities such as London, Brighton and glasgow by enabling property-owners with empty driveways, garages and car parks to rent them out to drivers needing somewhere to park.

Commuters on their way to a train station, hospital or sports stadium for example, can make an arrangement with a homeowner to use his or her driveway on a one-off or regular, short-term or long-term basis.

ParkatmyHouse.com was founded by 23 year-old Anthony Eskinazi whilst on holiday in San Francisco back in June 2006 and since the service launched, ParkatmyHouse.com has featured on BBC radio stations, in nearly all the national newspapers including The Times, The Daily Express and The Observer and in an array of international media.

Homeowners currently advertising their space on ParkatmyHouse.com are earning as much as £5,500 a year and elderly and disabled drivers, commuters on their way to work and mums needing easy-to-access parking around shops and schools are just some of the people benefiting from the service.

Here’s how the site works in 7 lucky steps:

  1. To add a space, property-owners simply register an account on ParkatmyHouse.com and follow the on-screen instructions.  Listing a space is completely free.
  2. Drivers (‘parkers’) looking for a space enter a postcode, city or keywords related to their desired location in the search bar at the top of the page.
  3. The site’s unique interactive map system will show parkers where exactly available spaces are located, local services that are nearby (including restaurants, stations and entertainment venues), how much the space costs to rent and relevant additional details such as whether the space is secure or lit.
  4. The calendar feature displays the exact times when Parking spaces are available to rent.  Prices are completely set by the space owner.
  5. Once a transaction has been completed and confirmed, a contract is automatically generated and can be optionally downloaded, printed and signed by both parties.
  6. If parkers don’t find a space which matches their requirements, they can request automatic notification when one does become available.  
  7. A ten per cent commission fee is charged for successful transactions.

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