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Girly Geekdom Student Competition

Sarah Blow has been offered two free conference tickets to the Web 2.0 Expo in Germany. However due to other commitments she is unable to use them and as such is offering the opportunity to two female university students in the UK via a very short competition. And just in case you’re wondering why a short competicion… it’s because the event is on from the 5th – 8th November 2007 which isn’t far off!

So female university students, all you have to do is the following:

In no more than 50 words explain how you would use this opportunity and what you would like to learn from the event. Post your responses to this post and include your university e-mail address in your submission. (otherwise I can’t possibly send you the prize!)

This competition will finish on Tuesday 23rd October 2007 at 6pm. The ticket does not cover travel expenses or accommodation however Sarah is trying to find a sponsor to cover this. In the eventuality that she can’t find one for some reason, then she is willing to talk to your head of department and help you to sway them into covering your costs 😉 (Apparently she did something similar whilst at uni to get to the World 3GSM Congress and it worked well.)

Of course if a company would like to sponsor the expenses for travel and accommodation for a student then do get in touch with Sarah as she would be more than happy to include that in the package!

The lucky winner will also be invited to the launch party for Girl Geek Dinners in Germany! 🙂

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