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Free Microsoft Exam SCCM 2007

Microsoft is apparently looking for beta test takers for the SCCM 2007 exam. (This is the product that replaces SMS 2003.)

The following code below will allow you to take the exam once free of charge. If you pass you will receive credit toward the new Microsoft certifications MCTS and MCITP. If you fail, you can re-take the exam once the exam goes live but you will have to pay the testing fee. (In the US it’s $125.) Since this is a beta exam, it will take a month or more for you to receive the results of the exam. (To see if you passed or not.)

To take the Exam register at https://www.register.prometric.com and enter the following test number and promotion code:

Test #: 071-401
Code #: B401

If you are interested register NOW. Once Microsoft feels they have had enough beta test takers the offer will be discontented. There is no “Second Chance” on beta exams.

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