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Jason Slater reviews my blog

It’s always great to get feedback from others about my blog, so I would just like to say a big thanks to Jason Slater for reviewing my Blog this week as part of his ongoing weekly Technology Blog of the Week Reviews.

There are several posts per week, many of which are generally more detailed posts which makes for an interesting change. The feeds, for both content and comments, are clear and well placed, though clicking on them tried launching my unused copy of outlook rather than asking me which feed reader I would like to use. This is a minor thing though and easily worked around.

First off, how does the Blog fare in the Blog Juice Calculator? A very respectable 2.3 supported by a large number of inbound links from Technorati. There is a small out of the way section for adverts which presumably help support the running of the site and at least they are kept right out of the way, and a clear and well laid out Word press theme is put to great use. Interesting posts include his overview of Microsoft’s new Windows Live Online Services, link here and his article Two-thirds of PC owners lose data but simply dont know how to protect it! which gives a good outline of research conducted on behalf of Carbonite, an online backup vendor. I am constantly having to remind users about the importance of backing up data so some facts and figures will come in very handy indeed. I have also downloaded and registered my free copy of the excellent Camtasia Studio courtesy of Darrens Blog post Download Camtasia Studio 3.1.3 for Free (to which Darren rightly cites Marc Liron as the source).

I’ve just updated the feed url and all should be working all ok now!

1 thought on “Jason Slater reviews my blog

Terinea Weblog December 12, 2007 at 2:41 am

What’s more you get new readers that come over from Jason’s blog.


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