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Microsoft removes MSN Santa

Last year Microsoft created it’s MSN/Windows Live Messenger Santa(northpole@live.com) for children to talk too and ask what they would like for Christmas but now it looks like Microsoft have had to have him removed after he got himself into some trouble! 🙁

The Register reported that one of its readers discovered that a chat between Santa and his young nieces (aged 11 and 13) about eating pizza made Santa talk about oral sex.

After turning down requests to eat pizza the bad Santa replied with, “You want me to eat what?!? It’s fun to talk about oral sex, but I want to chat about something else.”

Microsoft admitted the problem and said, “Yesterday we received reports that the automated Santa Claus agent in Windows Live Messenger used inappropriate language. As soon as we were alerted we took steps to mitigate the issue, including removal of language from the agent’s automated script.

We were not completely satisfied with the result of these actions, and have decide to discontinue the automated Santa Claus agent.”

Makes me wonder whether the following recent comment “hu are u really cos ure scarin me” which was left on my blog post about MSN’s Santa last year is from a reader who had a similar experience.

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