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The Voice of the London Underground is silenced!

Emma Clark, known to many as the voice of the London Underground due to having voiced most of the in-train and station announcements for the tube, has recently been fired after telling the Mail on Sunday that she thought the transit network was dreadful.

“The thought of being stuck in the Tube with strangers for minutes on end and having to listen to endless repeated messages of my own voice fills me with horror,” she told the paper.

She said using the service every day had been “dreadful.”

The Mail on Sunday also featured Clarke’s Web site, which hosts a series of spoof Tube announcements, including one warning a passenger not to stare at a woman’s chest, however though Transport for London noted that some of the spoof announcements were quite funny, spokesman Dan Hodges said Clarke’s attack on the subway itself had crossed the line.

“We wouldn’t employ somebody to promote our services who simultaneously criticizes those services,” Hodges said. Clarke’s voice will continue to fill London’s subway cars until a replacement is needed, he said.

So though she is unfortunately no longer employed by Transport of London, we can still hear her spoof and of course real London underground announcements on her site, she has also recently made a deal to be the voice of CoPilot Live satellite navigation. what’ll be next she says?  Space rockets?  Dinghies?? Haha..

Good luck emma with your future, thanks for the announcements! 😀

Real London Underground Announcements

Spoof London Underground Announcements

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A reminder for residents of London

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