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The World’s First Talking Message Tag

If you think texting “I luv u” doesn’t capture the emotion and that letter writing can be a bit OTT, then here’s the perfect solution for you, the world’s first talking message tag.

From now on, you can personalise your feelings to a best mate or a new date by sending a pre-recorded pre.vu Talking Message Tag. These credit card size mementos let you record your message of up to 60 seconds, anywhere on the planet, which can then be replayed hundreds of times by the recipient.

Imagine gran and grandad listening to the grandchildren’s birthday wishes time and time again. Or alternatively, pre.vu Talking Message Tags can be used to cheer a friend in hospital or a distant relative who feels out of touch. Your pre-recorded sentiments will last long after the bouquet has withered or the chocolates have been eaten.

In fact, pre.vu Talking Message Tags let you personalise your feelings for almost every occasion from Valentines to Mothers Day and new arrivals to new home moves. Use them to surprise, say sorry or set the record straight. Their uses are as creative as your imagination.  

Recording the message tags couldn’t be easier. Just visit www.pre.vu and order online. You can either record the message on an automated phone line or direct from your computer. As soon as you are happy with your recording, you press the order button and the recorded tag is sent to your address or directly to the ultimate recipient.

The whole service, including postage and packaging, costs around £5.50, and provides a priceless message that will last for months to come.

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