Madonna still rules as the worlds queen of pop as she turns 52 today

Millions of Madonna fans across the world will be celebrating the Queen of Pop’s 52nd birthday today, and download trends from Ovi Music show the Material Girl is still as popular as ever with fans around the world.

Nokia’s trends snapshot reveals Madonna is the second most popular female solo artist on Ovi Music, according to downloads by fans using Ovi’s unlimited track download service – beaten only by Lady Gaga, 28 years her junior.

  • Nine time Grammy award winner Madonna is the second most popular female solo artist online, and fifth most popular overall artist according to downloads
  • Ahead of Madonna in total global Ovi Music downloads are: Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Jay Chou and Black Eyed Peas
  • Madonna retains her name as Queen of Pop in the offline world, as the 2011 edition of the Guinness World Records crowns her the top selling recording artist
  • There are 487 Madonna songs available in the Ovi Music catalogue. If every track available were downloaded it would take 80 hours to listen to all of her music
  • Download data from across Ovi Music’s 36 markets shows that Madonna is most downloaded in Brazil followed by Finland, Mexico, China, UK and Singapore
Country Madonna downloads** (based on total downloads from Ovi’s unlimited music download service)
Brazil 16.77%
Finland 16.60%
Mexico 15.86%
China 11.77%
UK 10.06%
Singapore 7.50%
Germany 5.13%
Australia 4.30%
Russia 3.88%
Italy 2.20%


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