For the last couple of days I’ve been playing on a new minecraft server I found called “Something Super Awesome”, I’ve really been enjoying this server, and was ready to donate near enough straight away, however I noticed you had to wait 1 week or be recommended before you could donate any money, fair enough I thought, I shall wait, I didn’t want to donate for the benefits so had no rush, I just wanted to show my appreciation with a donation, just how donations should be thought as.

Today I spent a crazy amount of hours in the game. First I constructed my house on top of a hill, a little out of the way of everyone else, and left signs welcoming everyone, after constructing my house and building some hill top tunnels to get to it quicker. Then I decided to start mining various tunnels underground looking for diamonds and other such blocks & items, I decided to follow the borders of the the maps spawn point, in the hope of meeting new people, and as hopped I met quite a few people along the way and everyone seemed very nice.

While continuing my mining I came acrosss quite a lot of different types of blocks and items and even found a dungeon (mob spawner with chests), I then came across someones tunnels they had made and connected them to mine, I went to explore theirs and ended up in someones hidden house with lots and lots of hidden items (very rare to not rare at all), of course I decided to leave them all, and left a sign letting the person known that it was a nice hiding place and I had not took  anything and which way my place was if they would like to visit, at the end of their tunnel i left another sign pointing in the right direction, my hope was to make a minecraft friendship!

I carried on my mining and hours latter ended up back at place to find that someone had build a house in the sky and connected it up to mine, I thought sky bridges were not aloud so I left a sign saying welcome and who I am and who are they? once again to try and make friends. From here I went for a wander and hoped my tunnels would be ok with the admins, I know the rules said not to use tunnels or something as driveways. Can’t remember the exact phrase now.

When I came back I decided to go back down to my tunnels and found someone saying in the chat that OMG someone had put cobblestone down this far, I thought I bet that’s mine as I could see their name on the map in the distance, I run down and found that indeed it was my cobblestone I joked saying “oi where you of too” he said he thought it was a dungeon, I said hi back to him and then went back down and connected up the double stair pathway he had build to my single pathway and ensured my sign was in place as to not confuse people.

After this I decided what to do next, and BOOM i was kicked and banned from the server!

I was very confused so I immediately posted a polite message on their forums asking why I had been banned, I even signed it Kind Regards. However an hour or so latter 10 views and no reply. Then BOOM i was banned from the forum and my post deleted. Unfortunately I do not have a copy of the message and google or any other search engine has not cached it.

Now don’t get me wrong if I’ve done something wrong then fair enough ban then they can ban me if they wish, it’s their minecarft world server after all, and I know one of the signs and the spawn area said they don’t care if you are banned or not or something like that, but  at least have the decency to tell me why you have banned me, especially if I have asked, you don’t have any rules on the forums at all and no contact info not even a WHOIS gave me any info so that’s why I posted there.

Anyhow if any of the admins are reading this and I hope you are – please could you tell me honestly what I did wrong – without trying to pin something else on me with what I’ve told you already!

It’s a shame you banned me – I really did want to give that donation – and further more and I’m not just saying this, if after a while I could trust your server and the people running it I was going to ask yourselves if you would like Hosting + Invision Power Board as I have a Invision Power Board Perpetual License (lifetime license) that I haven’t used in ages since the last forums I ran it on and have been meaning for sometime to put it to good use.

Maybe I should just run my own deticated server…. *Rant Over*

For anyone else reading this, here’s there information:

Edit: My Minecraft server called: Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS) is now up.

Edit 17/08/2011: Due to a huge increase on new players joining, from time to time we may whitelist the server. If you try and get on but you are not whitelisted please be sure to sign up to the forums at where you can read our welcome topic and introduce/whitelist yourself, pretty much all we need from you is your’re Minecraft Username. If you have facebook you can use that to sign in to the forums.

YAMS Server IP =