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Your Windows Live Space will close on 16 March – 3 days left!

I’m sure if you’ve been using Windows Live Spaces (MSN Spaces) that you’ve been receiving the emails saying that it’s closing down, but if you haven’t for some reason here’s a copy of the latest one:

Dear Windows Live Spaces customer,

You are receiving this note as a follow-up to our communications notifying you that Windows Live Spaces will soon close. If you haven’t taken an action yet, please read on to learn how to preserve the content of your space. On 16th March 2011 your space will be closed. However, you can still preserve the content of your space if you take action now.

We are collaborating with a premier and innovative blogging service, WordPress.com, to enable Windows Live customers to migrate their Windows Live Spaces blog to WordPress.com where you will get a number of enhancements to your blogging experience. We’ll help you migrate your current blog to WordPress.com or download it to save for later. On 16th March 2011 your current space will be closed and you will no longer have access to the content on your space unless you take action. Click here to begin the migration of your space.

With the new release of Windows Live services, we’ve made a series of changes and improvements across the products. We chose to partner with WordPress.com to provide Windows Live users with a fantastic blogging solution. However, we realise they will have an impact on you, so the information in this email aims to clarify what to expect. We thank you for your continued support of Windows Live.

Why is this happening?

Our customers have asked for richer blog functionality including an integrated statistics system, continuous saving of drafts and improvements to spam-fighting technology. To deliver the best possible blogging experience, we are collaborating with WordPress.com to provide their free service to you. For those of you that already have a blog on Windows Live Spaces, we will make it easier for you to get started while helping you keep what you’ve already built up on Windows Live Spaces. 

What you need to do before Windows Live Spaces closes

When you visit your space you’ll have the following options:

  • Upgrade your blog by migrating to WordPress.com – We will provide a simple way to move your blog posts and comments to WordPress.com.
  • Download your blog – You can download your old posts to keep a copy with you. You can also do this and then migrate to WordPress.com.
  • Delete your space – If you decide that you do not want to have a space anymore, you have the option to delete it permanently. If you want to save your content, please make sure to do that before deleting your space.
  • Review your blog – Soon your space will close but you still have some time to review your blog and make a decision that’s right for you. We’re very excited about what you can do on WordPress.com and hope you’ll decide to take advantage of this improved blogging experience.

Note: some content such as gadgets, guestbook, lists, notes and draft posts won’t be migrated. See FAQs for more info on how to preserve this type of content.

Go to your space to choose an option that’s right for you. 

What you can expect by moving to WordPress.com

All of your posts, comments and links will transfer, and you will have the option to share your blogging updates with your Messenger friends. 

On WordPress.com, you’ll get tools to help you track how your blog is doing and who’s visiting. You’ll get tagging that enables people to find you, and for you to find like-minded people. It includes great blog comment functionality, and trackback spam prevention to help keep your experience clean. Take a look at more.

Thanks for using Windows Live and we hope you enjoy the new blogging experience.

Yours Sincerely,

The Windows Live team

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is WordPress.com ?
A: WordPress.com is a free blogging site, similar to Windows Live Spaces. On WordPress.com, you’ll find great themes and widgets to customise your experience, tools to help you track how your blog is doing and who’s visiting. You’ll get tagging that enables people to find you, and for you to find like-minded people. It includes great blog comment functionality, and trackback spam prevention to help keep your experience clean. 

Q: What happens to my Windows Live Spaces content and what can I migrate?
A: Here’s a list of different functionality available on Windows Live Spaces today and what you can expect:

  • Blogs and comments: If you choose to migrate or download, your blog content (including inserted photos, videos and comments) comes with you.
  • Photos: Photos not part of your blog but part of Windows Live will continue to live on SkyDrive and, if you choose, you can continue to share them with others. Photos that were part of your blog will be migrated if you choose to migrate your blog. If you add any other modules provided by other services that shared your photos, those will not be migrated.
  • Visitors will know where to find you: If you migrate, existing links to your blog and specific articles will continue to work and your visitors will be redirected to your new location on WordPress.com. You’ll also be able to keep your friends up to date with your latest posts on Windows Live Messenger.
  • Private blogs: If you have a private blog, your blog will be checked as private unless you choose another option during migration. You’ll be able to share your blog back with your Windows Live Messenger friends or just choose to select a few people to invite to WordPress.com.
  • Gadgets, guestbook, lists, notes and draft posts: Unfortunately, you won’t be able to move these. You might consider publishing your draft posts over the coming months and moving content in lists and notes into your blog before migrating.
  • Profile and Contacts modules: That information stays on Windows Live. You can add your new blog to your Profile and share it with your friends.


Q: What can I expect between now and the date Windows Live Spaces closes?
A: Now and until 16th March 2011 you can continue to review past posts, download your content to save for later and upgrade your blog to WordPress.com. On 16th March 2011, Windows Live Spaces will close and you will not be able to access or migrate your blog.

Q: Where can I learn more?
A: Are you a parent of a child who uses Windows Live Spaces? Do you have a private blog? Do you use Writer to publish to Windows Live Spaces? Do you have other questions? Please visit our Help Centre for additional information and resources.

5 thoughts on “Your Windows Live Space will close on 16 March – 3 days left!

adam May 9, 2011 at 1:21 am

God damn people, I have not used my computer for so very long. I saved most of my work on my space blog and now….I don’t see it anywhere. Can I have my blog back? I really appreciate if you get back at me ASAP because it’s urgent and I was so not aware of this new upgrade that I’m not satisfied with.

Kiwi July 13, 2011 at 6:59 am

If you missed the deadline, check out Windows Live Support: http://windowslivehelp.com/thread.aspx?threadid=28f98a31-01b0-43da-abe7-cb1c0137f584&page=4

The link is the thread specifically about the windows live spaces/msn spaces missed deadline. (If you can’t click the link, search for the thread called “Missed deadline”) Good luck!

Kiwi July 13, 2011 at 7:00 am

Mistake: Check out Windows Live Solution Center, not Windows Live Support

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