Minecraft Song: I Found A Diamond

I Found A Diamond is a new original minecraft song found on the  YouTube channel.

Everyone Involved:

Download the song on iTunes! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-found-diamond-minecraft/id528737086


I wake up, man that night flew by
I say what’s up to the beautiful-ness that’s outside
And it may be only blocks but you gotta’ look past that
To me it’s all big jungles and grasslands
I need some tools.
Now what should I pick-axe and a sword yah that should do that trick
And back never bored, creeper time-bomb ticks
I’m so fast and I get outta’ there quick
And it’s that double tap sprint, gotta’ love it
I’m runnin’ fast, tryin’ make somethin’ of it
And I’m always running out of food to eat
I guess ten loaves of bread just wasn’t enough for me
Hash tag #firstworldminecraftproblems
Wait, 32 ingots just to build an iron golem
Woowee better get minin’
Them I’m like OMG what’s that shinin’.

And I’ve been minin’ all day
Lookin’ for that blue rock in the caves
And when I’m just about crying
I found a diamond
I found a diamond
Now I’m goin’ all the way
I can build a sword, axe, or a spade
You know I thought I’d never find one.
I found a diamond
I found a diamond

Finally got it, man I’m so excited
I just wanna’ get back right up to my house but then I realize it
And it’s not gonna’ be as easy as I think
Because I didn’t leave a path to follow now my stomach shrinks
Skeletons are so annoying when they find me
They just don’t give up
And those arrows, don’t remind me
These precious diamonds, I’m holding in my inventory
I’d like to keep them please
Now just don’t let this story end on a bad note
Let me make it back out
Can you hear me notch?
Just don’t let me black out
It’s looking bad no grass topped dirt in sight
But what’s that? Yah I think it is, it just might
One more block to mine, I think I did it
Feels like an eternity as my shovel goes into it
BOOM, there’s the sun and clouds I made it.
All the animals are gatherin’ round, singin’.

And I’ve been minin’ all day
Lookin’ for that blue rock in the caves
And when I’m just about crying
I found a diamond
I found a diamond
Now I’m goin’ all the way
I can build a sword, axe, or a spade
You know I thought I’d never find one.
I found a diamond
I found a diamond x2


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