Top 10 Search Keyphrases for June 2013

1374 different keyphrases were used to find my site in June 2013, here are the top 10 with the amount of times they were used plus their overall usage percentage. As you can see my “Minecraft” posts are still playing a key part in driving traffic to this site.

If you’re looking for public family friendly minecraft servers, you are welcome to come and check out my public family friendly minecraft server called YAMS which is short for “Yet Another Minecraft Server”.

The ip address is however sometimes whitelist is on, in which case you can signup at the forums here ( and get yourself whitelisted, we are an ever-increasing Minecraft Community and we are certainly proud of being a family friendly minecraft server.

1374 different keyphrases Search Percent
yams server 73 3.1 %
what is 36 1.5 %
family friendly minecraft servers 30 1.2 %
family friendly minecraft server 29 1.2 %
minecraft pc gamer demo 23 0.9 %
minecraft demo download 21 0.9 %
excel 2010 easter eggs 19 0.8 %
anne frank house 19 0.8 %
anne frank haus 17 0.7 %
excel 2010 easter egg 17 0.7 %
Other phrases 2042 87.7 %


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