Damaged Laptops Cost British Business £2.073 Billion A Year

Damaged laptops will cost British business £2.073 billion in repair and data replacement costs in 2010, research from IDC and Panasonic has predicted. This cost does not include effects to business continuity, lost business or customer dissatisfaction. More than 14% of the 9.265m laptops sold to British businesses between 2007 and 2009 will suffer from damage or accidents this year and with an average repair bill of £1576 to cover parts, lost productivity and data, the overall cost to British business will be a staggering £2.073 billion.

The research, commissioned by Panasonic Toughbook and undertaken by technology analyst group IDC, shows that 20% of laptops in business require repair each year with 14.2% of repairs coming from physical damage or accidents.

“With a 14.2% chance of physical breakage per year, and a £1,576 repair and data replacement bill, IT Directors should realize that every laptop is carrying a potential hidden cost of £224 per year,” said Stephen Yeo, Panasonic Toughbook EMEA Marketing Director. “This means that over a 3 year life, a laptop has a hidden cost from breakage of £672 and this could be considerably higher for workers in areas like field service or sales. With Panasonic Toughbooks cutting the risk of damage by over 80%, businesses can reduce this hidden cost by an average of £537 per notebook over a 3 year period.”

Sources of damage
In the survey, 72% of respondents with damaged notebooks reported that they suffered damaged keyboards, followed by 66% with damage to the display screen. Non-exposed parts most prone to damage included batteries and hard disk drives, both cited by more than 50% of respondents.

Human error and carelessness were responsible for the greatest sources of damage with 72% of respondents saying they dropped their laptops, 66% spilling liquid onto the devices and 55% reporting they fell off a desk or table.

The departments most likely to damage their laptops were field services, followed by office and administrative support and sales.

Problems caused by laptop damage or failure
63% of respondents reported lost productivity as a result of their laptop damage or failure, while more than a third reported loss of important company data or information (37%) or lost and delayed sales (34%).

And with IDC predicting business laptops outselling commercial desktop computers by 2012, the analyst group recommended businesses look more closely at the type of laptops they buy. “IDC believes that a sound notebook procurement strategy should incorporate clear metrics regarding product quality with an eye toward durability,” said David Daoud, IDC Research Director for Personal Computing. “Companies should look to procure notebooks that are built to withstand a variety of rigors, not just from dust, dirt, and extremes in temperature, but also from day-to-day bumps and spills. Companies should look for notebooks in which key components like keyboards and displays have been hardened, while insuring that the integrated parts are of ruggedized-grade quality.”

“The use of laptops has become pervasive in business with more and more departments taking advantage of the flexibility and convenience they offer but little attention is being paid to the type of products being bought and the impact of their total cost of ownership on the business,” commented Stephen Yeo, Panasonic Toughbook EMEA Marketing Director. “Businesses should consider whether a Ruggedized laptop is required by their staff because in many cases the higher initial purchase price is rapidly offset by the longer lifetime expectancy of the products and their much cheaper ongoing running costs.”

The research is based on a survey of 300 US companies by IDC and reported in the whitepaper “The Business Case for Ruggedized PCs”. The impact for UK business has been extrapolated using IDC data on laptops sold to businesses in the UK between 2007 and 2009. A copy of the research report can be found at: http://www.toughbook.eu/node/4055

Fujitsu celebrates 75 years of innovation from 1935-2010

This month Fujitsu is celebrating its 75 year anniversary – a milestone very few other global IT companies have reached.  Fujitsu, which is today the largest Japanese employer in the UK and Ireland (11,500 employees), has been a fundamental part of some of the IT industry’s most notable breakthroughs and innovations – from the early days of telephone switching in the 1930s; the mainframe and parallel computing generation of the 1970s, to more recent inventions such as palm vein authentication and the world’s first 3D PC.
Today Fujitsu is a £2 billion revenue company in the UK and Ireland; managing over 1 million desktops across government departments and private organisations; was the first company in Europe to have a Tier III certified data centre, and recently won the UK’s largest desktop and thin client outsource deal with the Department for Work and Pensions.   Globally the company is ranked by Gartner as the worlds third largest IT services provider based on total revenue*; employs 170,000 people worldwide; is present in 70 countries, and reported revenues of 4.6 trillion yen ($50bn) in the financial year ending 31 March 2010.
History of Fujitsu
Fujitsu’s roots began in rebuilding the telecommunications infrastructure in Japan after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 had destroyed much of the public infrastructure of Tokyo and Yokohama.  In 1935 Fuji Tsushinki Manufacturing Corporation, the company which later became Fujitsu Limited, was founded as an offshoot of the communications division of Fuji Electric Co, Ltd. 
In 1990 Fujitsu took an 80% stake in the British International Computers Limited (ICL).  In 1998 ICL became a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu and was known as Fujitsu ICL.  The company dropped the ICL name in 2002 and is now known as just Fujitsu. 
In 2008 Fujitsu acquired Siemens’ 50% stake in the PC, server and storage joint venture Fujitsu Siemens Computer and in 2009 took full control and renamed it Fujitsu Technology Solutions.  
Commenting on the milestone of 75 years, Fujitsu UK and Ireland CEO, Roger Gilbert, said: “Companies with as long a history as Fujitsu inevitably change in shape and focus over the years.  What has remained constant and will continue to do so is the corporate philosophy and ethos of customer focused innovation that runs through the company.  We’re entering a new chapter of our history as the world changes in the way that technology is adopted and used by the masses, both in the developed and developing worlds. 
Roger continued: The unprecedented challenges that organisations are facing in today’s economy mean that IT is finally being recognised as a driving force in helping businesses overcome some of those challenges.  The future for Fujitsu is about how we can work with our customers to move beyond the here and now and help them ‘shape tomorrow’.”
Global Fujitsu chief technology officer (CTO) Marc Silvester, added: “IT in the future at all levels will not be a finished product.  The future is about a living, breathing IT infrastructure where change is going to become much more rapid and predictable.  IT will be built for change rather than have change ‘done to it’.  The big departure in the next few years is the move to a subscription model.  No longer will it be a case of simply paying for what you use, rather one where different types of information have a value and therefore where you can ‘subscribe and thrive’.”
An interview with Marc on his predictions for the next 75 years is available as part of this social media release and can be viewed on the Fujitsu website http://www.fujitsu.com/uk/news/video/newsflashes/75-years.html
Key Fujitsu innovations have included:
1935 – The Step-by-Step telephone switching machine
1945 – The Fuji Model-3 telephone
1954 – The Facom-100 mainframe computer
1974 – The ICL 2900 series mainframe (ICL)
1979 – The ICL Distributed Array Processor, the world’s first parallel computer (ICL)
1980 – The Oays 100 first Japanese language word processor
1989 – Colour plasma displays
2003 – Palm Vein authentication
2010 – the world’s first 3D PC
Further information on Fujitsu’s history can be found here
Photographs of the products and innovations that have made Fujitsu famous can be found here.

Fly.com Takes Off in UK

A new concept in online flight search officially takes off in the UK today with the launch of Fly.com.

Already hugely successful abroad, simple-to-use Fly.com scours all the major airlines, international carriers and online travel sites, and then helps people easily sort and refine results by criteria such as number of stops and departure times and traveller class. 
Unlike most existing flight comparison sites that rely on cached data (old pricing and availability that may no longer be valid at the time of the search), Fly.com uses ‘meta-data’ technology to deliver the latest, most competitive prices – direct from the airlines and travel sites themselves.
As an independent, unbiased authority on airfares, Fly.com provides the widest range of flight options and is the only flight comparison site to include prices for First Class, Business Class and Economy seats – not just the standard charter seats. 
Because Fly.com is not a booking engine, it simply helps visitors decide which flights are right for them and refers them to the appropriate website for direct booking, so they always get maximum air miles.  All fees and taxes are included and Fly.com doesn’t charge visitors for its service.
Says Aaron Ritoper, vice president of business development, Fly.com Europe: “Fly.com is the next generation of flight comparison site. Our mission is to simplify flight search in the UK and to provide exceptional service in every market in which we operate.
“In a recent study we found that people spend an average 2.6 hours and check 4 different sites when booking a flight. We believe this is because there is so much misinformation out there and the prices offered on many sites are often no longer available when it comes time to book. 
“Our results are updated upon every new search, so our users get real prices and availability. This means they don’t have to spend hours comparing flight prices and will not experience the frustration of clicking through on a price and discovering that it is not really there.”
Fly.com has invested heavily in developing a fast, uncluttered and easy to use interface which is cleaner and simpler to use than other flight search engines.  In addition:
  • Fly.com is the only flight comparison site to have a ‘why me?’ function, which shows consumers what features each airline includes (e.g. free drinks, Wi-Fi, leather chairs, interactive TV etc.)
  • Users can sort results by what’s important to them; price, airline, stops, airports or traveller class.
  • The site provides a unique and easy to use slide navigation to fine tune itinerary.

Windows 7 pre-order goes live in the UK

At 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday 15 July, Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7, goes on pre-sale to people in the UK at a special promotional price, but you’ll have to be quick as prices are low, stocks are limited and it is first come first served!

To say thanks to its loyal customers and enthusiasts, especially those who have taken part in the Beta and Release Candidate (RC) programmes, Microsoft is making pre-order copies of Windows 7 available through selected retail partners at one-off promotional prices* of around £49.99 for Home Premium and £99.99 for Professional. This is a great opportunity for your readers to get their hands on the best Windows operating system of all time and save plenty of money in the process.

The Windows 7 Beta and RC versions have been very well received by consumers and media alike. Pre-order copies of the final version of Windows 7 have already been selling fast in Japan, Canada and the US. To pre-order a discounted copy of the final version of Windows 7 you need to contact Microsoft’s retail partners after 12:01 a.m. on 15 July or go to http://www.microsoft.com/uk/win7preorder.

Retail partners in the UK taking part in the promotion are Amazon.co.uk, Argos, Comet, Currys, Dixons, Ebuyer.com, John Lewis Partnership, Littlewoods, Micro Anvika, PC World, Play.com, Staples and Tesco. Links to pre-order offer webpages are listed below.

Finally, a quick reminder for Microsoft’s UK customers: if you are replacing an older version of Windows with Windows 7 once it arrives on 22 October, a clean install of the operating system and the installation of an internet browser will be required. For more information on how to do this, and for general information on other aspects of Windows 7, please visit http://www.microsoft.com/windows/.

Retailer website links:
Microsoft Store – http://emea.microsoftstore.com/UK/Microsoft/Windows/Windows-Vista/Windows-7-Preview
Amazon.co.uk – http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3AB002DUCMT2|B002DUCMTC|B001XCWGII
Currys – www.currys.co.uk/preorder
Dixons – www.dixons.co.uk/preorder
Micro Anvika – www.anvika.com/windows7preorder
PC World – www.pcworld.co.uk/preorder
Play.com – http://www.play.com/PC/PCs/3-/379971/2-/Promo.html
Tesco – http://direct.tesco.com/p/inc/specials/windows7/

* Estimated retail prices, actual retail prices may vary by retailer.

New Search Engine Oparla Launches With First Cash Draw For Users

Oparla, the all new search engine that pays users to surf the net, marked its launch this week with its first ever daily cash payout. The inaugural prize draw was made by the engine’s founder, British entrepreneur Daniel Jupp at Oparla headquarters in London and saw one registered user win a lump sum for choosing Oparla to find information online.

Oparla user Mr Peter Meherne (Berkshire) was the first lucky winner. He said, “I had just registered with Oparla and carried out a couple of searches when I received a call advising me that I’d won the opening day’s prize draw which was a very nice surprise!

“Oparla presents its results in a different way to most search engines and I’m finding its rating system and feedback features very useful. I’ll definitely be using it to search the net. As a businessman I think its unique approach will prove a winner with users so I have also just signed up for its advertising package for my business, Plain Words.”

Following the success of its first draw, Oparla will reward one user every day with a cash bonus of up to £1000. The lottery like system will be based on account holders signing in and using the search engine to find web pages and images online. Founder Daniel Jupp said, “It really does pay to surf with Oparla. This first prize draw is a milestone for us after months in development and I was delighted to present Mr Meherne with his cash prize. Oparla is all about giving something back to its users so I look forward to signing many more cheques in the future!”

Oparla users not only have the chance to bank cash payouts but are given the power to rate and comment on returned results. The unique interface uses a five star site ranking system, giving each site shown in the search results a community mark for usefulness and relevance to the search query. The search engine also references social media technology within its user accounts making it easy for web surfers to send private messages and recommendations to other Oparla visitors requesting assistance with their web browsing and information searches.

Having founded online media consultancy Apple Jupp (formerly Top Position) in 2001, Mr Jupp is well versed in online behavioural trends and the unique relationship internet users have with their search engine of choice. He said, “The Web 2.0 movement has altered the online landscape and as users become more sophisticated in their understanding of the internet and its workings, their becoming more prolific in their desire to shape the way that information is presented to them. Oparla gives its visitors a chance to make their voices heard and stamp their authority on its search results. It’s this synergy that will allow us to develop a search engine that truly represents the changing needs of internet users.”

Any registered user is eligible to participate in the daily prize draw. The free account set-up takes around 60 seconds to complete. Users must then sign in when they use Oparla with each search earning the account holder a place in that day’s draw.

AVG gets five star rating

AVG Technologies, a global anti-virus and Internet security software provider with over 80 million users in 167 countries, today announced that its Internet Security Network Edition (NE) solution has received the “Recommended” designation in the most recent Anti-malware Group Test performed by security publication SC Magazine. Eight companies participated in the test. AVG Internet Security NE received the highest possible overall rating of five stars.  

The reviewer commended AVG for providing feature rich, full protection. He found the product very easy to install, and particularly complimented its centralized management capabilities. In addition to the overall five star rating, AVG Internet Security NE received five stars for features, ease of use, performance, and documentation.

AVG Internet Security NE provides businesses with powerful, easy-to-use protection against the full range of threats. It does this without hogging valuable system resources. The software works efficiently and unobtrusively in the background, around the clock. This enables employees to focus on their work and IT staff to focus on other business critical activities. . AV Internet Security NE delivers:

  • Protection against viruses, spyware, adware, rootkits, hackers, phishing, and spam
  • Real time analysis of web pages to prevent drive-by downloads
  • Company-wide security for workstations, laptops, file servers, and SharePoint Portals
  • Protection against infected file downloads, including over instant messaging channels
  • Centralized installation, deployment, management, and configuration
  • Small client footprint for low-impact performance
  • High-speed, automatic updates
  • Free support and service around the clock and across the globe

AVG Internet Security NE currently supports clients in 15 languages, with additional language support in development.

“Receiving SC Magazines’ anti-malware “Recommended” award for AVG Internet Security Network Edition is a real honor,” said Karel Obluk, CTO of AVG Technologies. “Internet Security Network Edition provides comprehensive protection for business networks that’s easy to implement and easy to use. We’re proud to provide a full range of defenses against 21st-century cyberthreats.”

Windows Server, SQL Server and Visual Studio 2008 UK Launch Underway

The UK Launch of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 is now underway at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Birmingham.

I Loved the Drumers that started just before Jonathan Pereras (General Manager of Application Platform Marketing for Microsoft) Keynote started, adds more excitement to the event.

In the keynote we are expected to see some demos from Julius Davies, Mark Quirk and Keith Burns.

Update 12:00: As expected in the keynote we saw some interesting demos demostrating Windows Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008. Affter this I decided to stay in Hall 1 for the Core Infrastructure Improvements in Windows Server 2008 presentation with Matt Mcspirit and Jane Lewis. I’m now sitting down in Hall 3 by the Xbox Gaming Area having lunch. The ICC is pretty big, lots of halls and areas to visit, so thinking of checking out the place.

But for those of you not here, if you havent already may I suggest you check out the Microsoft Virtual Launch page:


Windows Server, SQL Server and Visual Studio 2008 UK Launch Tomorrow

This week I’m on Holiday with an exciting week ahead of me.

Yesterday I started working on my new blog theme.

Today I visited Thorpe Park with my new Merlin Annual Pass. While right now I’m staying at the Arc Apartments within the Arcadian Centre in Birmingham which I must say are great value for money considering their location in the heart of Birmingham.

Tomorrow I will be at the UK Launch of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 at the International Convention Centre here in Birmingham then after that I will be heading home for a bowling event with work.

And this weekend I will be travelling to Alton Towers for two days of fun with mates from work!

So yeah a great week ahead of me. If anyones going to the launch tomorrow – see you there! 🙂

Exclusive Photos of BAA Terminal 5 Heathrow

Last Friday I was supposed to go on a tour of the new BAA Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport, but due to some kind of major technical problem the tour was cancelled the day before.

If time permits it hopefully there will be another tour arranged soon before the 27th of March 2008 when Terminal 5 opens to the public.

But for the time being I have been told that some exclusive photos have been posted on Flickr. Here’s a small selection of some of them, the rest in higher quality you can get here.

Heathrow Terminal 5 3D walkthroughs

Check out these great 3D Walkthroughs of British Airways (BA) new Heathrow Terminal 5 Building soon to open to the public in March. I will be attending a press tour on the 7th of March before the official launch too see what it’s like for myself, though unfortunetly I won’t be able to take any photos until the terminal is open to the general public! 🙁

That said, I should hopefuly be recieving some nice exclusive photoshots soon – so I’ll be sure to post them! 🙂

Anyhow here’s the videos: