Channel 4 Seeks New Presenter For Future Family Series In Partnership With E.ON

Channel 4 is looking for someone with a passion for technology and gadgets to join the presenting team for Future Family, a major new documentary series in partnership with E.ON.

The new five-part TV and web-based series will follow an average family as their lives are transformed using futuristic technology and gadgets.

Featuring the latest environmental and energy-saving technology, Future Family will look at how new developments could change the way we live, from how we work and play, to relaxation, how we power and heat our homes, as well as eating and staying healthy.

As part of the presenting team, the new talent will be given the opportunity to front the Future Familyseries of web videos, in which they will help demystify the technology featured in the show.

The online series will showcase fantastic and futuristic inventions and practical how-to videos offering advice on saving and generating energy in your home. It will also offer the audience the opportunity to submit their own inventions. Further details will be announced closer to launch date.

Do you have what it takes?

The new presenter can be of any age, male or female, but should have a genuine passion for technology. They will be engaging and have the ability to speak about the latest gadgets and energy saving inventions with credibility.

How to enter

For an opportunity to become the show’s resident technology expert, email or visit

Applications close on 30th May 2011.

Applicants will receive an email requesting that they complete a short application form and provide a link to a one minute video clip of themselves talking about a piece of technology that interests them.

Should they be successful, applicants will be contacted by the production team to discuss the series in more detail. A screen test will be required as part of the final selection process.

Future Family will air on Channel 4 this autumn and will be Channel 4’s first peak-time Advertiser Funded Programme.

Video: Don’t be a Wilbert!

Have you ever accused or been accused of having ‘Man-Flu’? New research from Pfizer reveals the term adopted to ridicule men when they are sick could actually be having a negative impact, which is just not cricket!

This research shows these attitudes could mean that serious health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes are being left undetected — and therefore untreated, like the poor fellow Wilbert in this clip.

So don’t be a Wilbert yourself — go to to speak with a qualified GP to get medical advice on a broad range of health issues in total confidence — running every Monday between 6pm and 10pm.

There’s a good chap.

Our GPs can talk to you about any health problem, suggest the best course of action to take, and direct you to appropriate health services if necessary. However, as they do not have access to your medical records and are not able to perform a clinical examination, they cannot give individualised medical advice or offer a specific medical diagnosis.

The Man MOT online surgery is funded by Pfizer and is supported by National Obesity Forum, Men’s Health Forum, Sexual Advice Association, Relate, HEART UK and Diabetes UK.

Do January’s Green Thing. Take the stairs.

Labour-saving machines save us labour, that’s the point. They transport us from the ground floor to the fifth floor. They take us from A to B. They wash and dry and cook and clean for us.

But these machines use energy which produces CO2. It would help if we could use them less or use them more efficiently.

Take lifts. Or rather don’t. If you work on the 25th floor of a skyscraper, fair enough. But lifts are like vertical taxis – you wouldn’t hail a cab to go 100 feet down the road so why summon one to take you a few floors up?

So use less machine power and more of your own steam power. And if you take the stairs or find a way to resist other labour-saving machines, please come back and click DONE IT so we can count how much CO2 we’ve all saved.

Touching the stairs
Stair-climbers James, Jo and Pete risk their lives by trying to reach the third floor. It’s a story of guts and sacrifice; a story of genuine heroes who don’t know the meaning of the word ‘lift’ – or do they?

Lifts Are Not F.A.B
By Michael Wright To illustrate the considerable dangers of lifts, Michael Wright not only reused some old bits of polyboard and silver spray to make a skyscraper, lift shaft and lift, he reused some old bits of airfix for the props, two old marionettes to be the lift victims and one of those victims to be the evil lift-cord cutter. The result: a tremendous piece of psychological insight about lifts and why you should doubt them big time. Music by the very talented Aaron Paul Low of Sacred noise, produced by the very kind London Partizan.

The Magic Condom Panto

Christmas has passed but hey you can still come and roast your chestnuts on the red-hot fire that is The Magic Condom – a racy new online Panto starring Jodie Harsh and Paul Kaye that promises to be the filler in your stocking.

Your ticket to The Magic Condom is just one click away, so visit the website and watch the hilarious, sexy and interactive safe sex panto.

Do December’s Green Thing

December’s green thing is all about buying an old thing, not a new
thing.  New things are the fanciest and most specced-up things and
have the almost irresistible appeal of being the latest things. But
manufacturing a new thing uses resources and energy, all of which
creates CO2.  So instead of buying a new thing, buy an old thing. Old
things save us CO2 and come with less megapixels, for sure, but do
come with character, romance, mystery and history all included as

Do The Green Thing!

The Green Thing is a new, not for profit community site that’s just launched. The idea is to unite people against climate change by making it easy and enjoyable to be a bit greener, with the help of London’s creative industries. Every month you get a different Green Thing to do October’s is ‘walk once’ and all you have to do is do it.

The aim of Green Thing is to create people-powered sustainability to help as many people as possible in as many countries as possible to do the green thing; then to use this people power to get governments and business to take fast actions to reduce carbon emissions and do the green thing too thereby helping prevent climate change.

Because entertainment is very inspiring and lectures a bit less so, these monthly Green Things are suggested with great content from a growing community of brilliant writers, musicians, designers, directors and artists; as well as some of London’s best agencies.

So if you feel like doing The Right Green Thing for the enviroment why not check it out at: and

i’m Making A Difference Facebook Winner

Got this message today in my facebook inbox:

When we launched i’m Making A Difference, Facebook made an incredibly generous offer. They put up a $10,000 donation, and asked you – the members – to vote on which of our 10 partner organizations should get it.

Well, the votes are in. The choice has been made. The money will be given.

To find out who won, share your reaction, and see what else is up with the i’m Initiative, visit the group. It’ll be great to hear from you.

And thank you, to both Facebook and our members. You’re making a difference.

The Windows Live Messenger team.

And well I can reveal that the winner was – what are your views on this? Would you have preferred to have seen another charity win? Or are you happy that they won and believe there are ways that this money can help stop Global Warming?

Bloggers to Unite on Blog Action Day

An international initiative of bloggers known as “Blog Action Day” launched today, with the aim of uniting thousands of blogging voices, talking about one issue for one day. This year on Blog Action Day, which is slated for Oct. 15, 2007, bloggers will be discussing the environment.

Major blogs have signed up to participate, including Lifehacker, Dumb Little Man,, Get Rich Slowly, Web Worker Daily, GigaOm, The Simple Dollar, Zen Habits, Freelance Switch, LifeClever, Unclutterer, Pronet Advertising, Wise Bread and many more.

“For just one day, we’d like to unite as many of the millions of bloggers around the world and speak about one issue – the environment,” said Collis Ta’eed, an Australian blogger from, and a cofounder of Blog Action Day. “We want to display the potential and the power of the blogging community, which is a disparate community but one with an amazing size, breadth and diversity. By bringing everyone together for one day, we can see just how much can be achieved, and how much we can be heard.”

Blogging Live from Live Earth London

I’m not sure how much blogging I will be doing today at the Live Earth Music Concert at Wembley Stadium in London, but I’ll try and do what I can from my MDA Vario II PDA Mobile Phone. Because of course I’ll be trying to enjoy the concert more than actually trying to blog about it live. If laptops were allowed that would be a diffrent mattter! 🙂

That said I’ll keep a flickr stream going at and there’s always which is probably your best bet for live video streams of the Live Earth Concert.

Update 13:30: Let Live Earth London begin. 😀

Update 14:45: Live Earth London is rocking the world! 😀 Check out my Live Earth London Flickr Stream at and of course don’t forget

Update 16:15: Woo Hooo Black Eyed Peas

Update 16:30: Duran Duran and Red Hot Chili Peppers up soon!

Update 19:30: Goooo onnnnn Spinal Tap, you Rock. 😀

Update 19:55: James blunt up next! 😉

Update 20:20: Shake them bodies Pussycat Dolls. 🙂

Update 21:20: Final two acts up soon – Foo Fighters and Madonna.

Heading off to Live Earth London!

I’m heading off to Live Earth London this morning, so if you are going too, feel free to come and see me at Wembely Statium:

Seat location: section block 125, row 25, seats 68-67

You can also give/send me a call/text: +44 07944160953

I can’t wait it’s going to be great. 😀

Live Earth Logo