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Welcome to Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMS)
YAMS is a public family friendly minecraft server inviting kids, teens, adults and parents alike to be a part of a community and enjoy the world of Minecraft. Register now to post an introduction topic and request to be whitelisted on YAMS if you are not already whitelisted. Once registered you will also be able to join in on all the fun and exciting community topics on the forums. If you already have an account, login here - otherwise create an account and be a part of our minecraft community!

YAMS is closing down.

IMPORTANT: YAMS is unfortunately closing down, please read here.

Community Status Updates



July 2012 I had 1000 forum post likes, now I have just over 2000. Thanks everyone. :D For a limited time I will leave a little something at spawn for everyone to pick up. :D
11 Jan 2014 11:13 PM