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YAMS is closing down.

IMPORTANT: YAMS is unfortunately closing down, please read here.



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09/01/2016 - YAMS 5th and Final Year Anniversary

09 January 2016 - 10:06 AM

Hello everyone,
YAMS (Yet Another Minecraft Server) is 5 years old today, it’s been a tough past year but I hope those of you who came on enjoyed it. Last year I talked (here and here) about how there would most likely only be 1 final year left of YAMS.
It is with my deepest regret to inform you the community and friends of YAMS that YAMS will not be carrying on for the foreseeable future.  It saddens me to tell you this news, but YAMS has run its course and now it’s time to part ways and say Goodbye and thank all you kind players for being a part of YAMS.
I’ve had good times at YAMS; I’ve learnt so much and formed friendships that I shall always remember. I shall cherish the times I spent working on YAMS.
YAMS has also had its bad times, but good has come from those times too, we as a community grew stronger to fight those who came to cause the server harm. Seeing the community working together to help each other in times of need has made YAMS what it is. I thank all of you that have dedicated your time, effort and donations over the years to be a part of this fantastic community and help me and everyone else in running this server, it’s been truly appreciated.
Without you the players YAMS wouldn’t have been still around, so thank you for playing.
The YAMS Server will be up until the end of the month at which point it will be cancelled and you will no longer be able to connect so please enjoy this last month as much as you can, I hope you can all find a new place to call home and never forget YAMS and the great times you had here.
Please feel free to post your farewells below.
Thank you,