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  1. Happy Birthday! :D

    1. changingtuna88


      Thanks, sorry for not getting on much recently >.>

  2. Happy birthday Queenpoptarts! :)

  3. Happy Birthday! One day you'll come back... maybe! :O

    1. Tyler


      Your right.... maybe i will... oh... wait :D

  4. Happy Birthday Charlotte!

  5. Happy Birthday! We are going to be using some of your wonderful builds soon...

  6. Happy birthday, hope you have a nice day

  7. Happy Birthday, thanks for everything you do on YAMS and again thank you for the donation. :)

  8. Already said Happy Birthday today, but Happy Birthday again! :D

  9. Happy Birthday Adam! Have a good one.

  10. Happy Birthday! Have a good day Vicky! :)

  11. Hello I notice you posting here for whitelist if you would like whitelist please post in the introduction forum. :)

    1. Minegirl2013


      Oh, ok I was wondering why none was answering :/

  12. Hey, Happy Birthday, come back soon! :)

  13. Happy Birthday again Nikki! Thank you for being a part of YAMS! :)

    1. Nikki Nutta Palmer

      Nikki Nutta Palmer

      Thanks, and thanks for having me at YAMS to be part of it :)

  14. Apparently my Happy Birthday from earlier didn't show up here, so Happy Birthday again! Thanks for your help on YAMS, I appreciate it.

  15. Happy Birthday, come back to YAMS soon! :)

  16. Happy Birthday Dan! Come back soon? :(

  17. Happy Birthday! Where's the party? :D

  18. Apparently someone below this message called Devon said it's her birthday so I guess I better say something... Happy Birthday Devon, have a good one! :D

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